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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Grab bag......

Wednesday was our second payday since arriving at TVC, and Wednesday was a grab bag of activity.  Occasionally we have bears come through TVC and they love to dumpster dive......

(click picture to enlarge)

......taking care of the aftermath is one of the less than glamorous duties of the Ranger on duty......a couple days ago I found a discarded '5 mph' sign.....why it was taken down is a mystery to me as the speed limit in TVC is still 5 mph........I cleaned it up and found a suitable place to hang it once again......right after the speed bumps we installed next to the Thousand Trails office..........

 Speed bumps in foreground and '5 mph' sign in background (click picture to enlarge)

......next up was to move the 'After Hours Registration' sign up higher off the ground.....everyone has been bumping their heads on this sign for years.  Now, unless you are 7' 8" tall this sign will no longer be a hazard......

(click picture to enlarge)

......finally I did something I have wanted to do for a couple of years.....move the bike rack from the entertainment tent area where it wasn't being used, to right in front of the store, where it will be used.  For years there has been a small bike rack right at the entrance to the playground......about 100 feet to the right of the office/store entrance, and it was not being used by our customers.......instead they would park their bikes all around the front of the office/store entrance creating a hazard.  Plus, anyone who was riding an expensive bike did not want to use the bike rack by the playground because it would be out of their sight for too long.  Now we are hoping customers will use the bike rack in front of the office/store......

The previously unused bike rack just after we moved it (click picture to enlarge)

.....we took the small bike rack that used to be by the playground and moved it down to the swimming pool area where, once again, many bikes get parked.....and all that was done before 10:30!  We also moved the two small tables from the front porch back inside near the Ice Cream Parlor.....now the front porch is uncluttered and more pedestrian friendly again.

There is a lot going on in the park, and we had everyone on duty Wednesday getting stuff done......at 3:30 everyone, including off duty employees, congregated at the administrative offices near the entrance of the park for a staff meeting.....we haven't had one for over a week as we've been so busy.  It lasted over an hour, but I think we got a lot accomplished.

We clocked out just after 5 pm, and were home relaxing outside enjoying the ongoing balmy evening air.  TLE had me grill an Ahi steak for dinner to which she added some rice......we watched to recorded episodes of 'Person of Interest'.....there are now only 3 episodes left to this series.

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