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Sunday, June 12, 2016


(Just realized this morning that I never published yesterday's blog entry.....I must be getting senile.....lol....well, here you go!)

You know things are getting busy at TVC when I spend the better part of my 8 hour shift Friday directing traffic along our entrance road.....for the first time this summer I had RV's backed up to the Trolley House before noon time.  I began to think it was Friday the 13th, not Friday the 10th.....people were attempting to double park, or just park in a traffic lane to go in an register......impatient people driving on the wrong side of the road to get around traffic.  There was one family that changed sites 4 times before finally settling in one they liked......there were folks who ended up in the wrong site and had to be moved.....and there was at least one who turned around and left when they didn't like their site......just left.

After my initial site check round Friday I went back to refreshing the yellow traffic control markings along the entrance, which lasted to just before noon time when the RV's began lining up to enter the park.......I should be able to get them finished on Tuesday when things are a little quieter.

When I wasn't directing traffic I was helping people into their sites, taking people in my cart to check out alternate sites when they weren't happy with their assigned site, answering questions, helping some ladies hook up their utilities, making sure people kept all their 'stuff' within the confines of their sites, giving recommendations on places to have dinner, directions to beaches, bike rental places, pumping propane.......and on it went.  Friday is what being a ranger is all about.....after 6 weeks of helping get TVC ready for the summer season I am now into full blown ranger mode.....Yay!

TLE and I were both off work by 4 pm and home relaxing by 4:10.......I must add in closing that the office staff did a wonderful job of checking people in quickly and efficiently meaning I rarely had to send anyone directly to their sites before registering.

Thanks for stopping by!

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