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Friday, June 10, 2016

Walking the line....

One of the downsides about being fully staffed, and we are, is with more people working the odds someone will screw up increases.  With our small staff last summer we each knew we could depend on the others to do their job, and that was because we had all worked here before, plus we knew we had no margin for error.  With a lot of new faces getting used to how things run here at TVC the potential for omissions also increases.  One common omission has been failure to plug in the golf carts when putting them away at night.......if you don't plug in the cart it doesn't recharge overnight, and when that happens someone the next day is inconvenienced.  Fortunately for me, Thursday is a slow day so there was an extra cart available which had been plugged in, so I just plugged in my uncharged cart and used the extra one for a few hours.

We had 40 arrivals scheduled for Thursday, and Friday we will see close to 90 arrivals, so the park is beginning to fill up.....in a meeting later in the day our manager, Robert, advised that from the 4th of July weekend on we are booked 85%.  In just a few weeks May and June will seem idyllic by comparison.

Miguel (head ranger) and I spent a couple of hours repainting the street markings from the entrance down to the the office/store.....we got about half of it done, and hope to finish Friday morning.  The rest of the day I ran errands for Robert......he has a new computer and his scanner would not work, so I scanned a few work documents for him on my scanner back at the Newell and e-mailed them to him.

I was off at precisely 4 pm, home by 4:10, and showering by 4:20......TLE made me some street tacos accompanied by a Margarita.....apparently, according to TLE, I fell asleep shortly after I finished my 3 street tacos, and slept for 90 minutes.   

The weather has drifted into a cooling trend and the day time temps are back into the 60's and 70's for the next 10 days.


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