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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bachelor man - Day #4

At last.....Saturday......last day of my work week........I spent most of the day patrolling the entrance to the park making sure arriving customers didn't get backed up too far.....as you can see in the picture below it is still cold, but not too cold that I couldn't wear my traditional cowboy hat.......after all, a Ranger must wear a cowboy hat, right?

You may wonder what I do all day as I drive around TVC......maybe not, but you're going to find out anyway.  I work off two lists as I make my rounds......'Who's Departing'........I check off those who have departed (indicated with a 'V' for vacant next to their name and site number if they have departed, and an 'O' for occupied if they have not yet departed)..........

......departure time is 11 am each day and on busy days with lots of arrivals I need to be sure the sites with arrivals scheduled are vacant by 1 pm.  The next list (Who's In The Park) is usually 4, or 5 pages long, or more, on busy weekends.  On this list I verify that sites which are supposed to be occupied are, note sites which are vacant, but supposed to be occupied, and note sites which are occupied, but are not yet checked in.  We close the office at 10 pm, so people arriving after that time go directly to their sites and register the next morning.  If they have not done so by 10 am the next morning I stop by their site and give them a friendly reminder.

.......I got called away from patrolling the entrance a number of times to pump propane, check the cable TV reception at various sites......it's almost always a problem with the customer's wiring.......settle a couple of disputes about where a site began and ended, remind customers that from 10 pm to 7 am is our 'QUIET' time in the park (we had a few noise complaints from Friday night), etc.  4 pm came quickly and it was time for me to head for the barn.......I changed clothes and then made myself a cocktail to unwind from the busy week....

.....only one more day as Bachelor Man before TLE returns from her 5 day sojourn in SoCal.....YAY!  Miss you honey!

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