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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Black is black......

We're to that point where one day is beginning to blend into another......I mentioned earlier that we are near the end of working 8 days in a row in order to change our days off.   I don't like working 8 days in a row, but one side benefit is I (we) am (are) sleeping like the dead.  I went to sleep a little after 10 pm last night and don't remember moving until 4 am when I turned over and went immediately back to sleep until 5:30 when I awoke.

So, what transpired on Friday June 3rd in the enchanted land of TVC?  Well, we had to chase a black bear out of Section E at 10 am in the morning....yup 10 am.....usually they come through early, early morning.....like before the sun rises early, but there, a 10 am, was a black bear sitting on top of the dumpster right next to the restroom.  With the aid of Miguel's shrill whistle and two golf carts in pursuit we were able to direct the bear back down into the Upper Truckee meadows that border TVC.......

The black bear making tracks

......needless to say there were many customers out watching the excitement.  The rest of the day was more of the same.  This is the first Friday I have worked here at TVC in a while.....Fridays tend to get a little crazy just because we typically have an influx of weekenders, which on this Friday amounted to about 55 arrivals.  On busy days I tend to spend more time on enforcement of our rules such as driving at 5 mph in the park........such as asking folks to actually stop at the numerous stop signs.  Those speed bumps we deployed are helping with the speeding issue, but the are always those who will not be deterred and must be stopped and reminded they just passed 5 signs saying 'SPEED LIMIT 5 MPH'.

I was off by 3 pm again, and in the shower by 3:20......then there was a nap for about 30 minutes until TLE arrived home, then it was outside to dump and flush our black tank.  By that time my friend Claude had returned from visiting his friend in Carson City, and we settled into an evening of roasted peanuts and ICKY IPA, then transitioned to grilled carne asada, avocados, wine and much laughter.  We finished it off with a fire, more laughter and more wine........

......we wrapped up our evening by 9:30 and were off to dreamland once again a little after 10 pm......life is good!

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