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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Since our planned bike ride for Sunday was aborted due to high pollen count, and TLE was feeling much better we decided to ride our singles Monday.  We first rode over to Moonhouse BrewHouse for some coffee and pastry......TLE had a croissant and I a couple of blueberry muffins.........

......this is our second visit to Moonhouse....we love sitting outside on the front porch enjoying the view of the local mountains......

.....one thing to keep in mind about Moonhouse is you cannot be in a hurry.....since each cup of coffee is brewed individually at the time you order it does take a few minutes, but the wait if worth it.  I chose the Ethiopian dark blend and TLE their French Roast.

Next we road northwest on Lake Tahoe Blvd. to the stop sign at 'D' Street where, thanks to our friend Claude who visited with us last week, we picked up a new bike path we didn't know existed.   The path veers away from the main road more than a hundred yards in spots going northwest to the intersection with Sawmill where the path continues all the way back to US-50 where we turned left (east) to head back to TVC.  

In all we covered some 8 miles before returning to TVC......TLE had some more wash to do, as well as a small repair job for Victor on his sleeping bag.....one of the seams had come loose and he was losing down feathers.  I headed for DIY to buy some snaps so I could put the last snap on the sun shade I installed over the door to the trailer......there are five snaps on the sun shade, and after breaking at least three during the installation 10 days ago I came up one short.

I wrote previously about doing a mechanical restoration of a vintage Hercules bicycle for a friend.........I decided to finish taking apart the Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub to remove the broken axle and see if I could locate a replacement online.......

 Sturmey-Archer type AW 3 speed hub

 The axle as it should look

As it does look

.......after removing the axle I went online and found a replacement on eBay for $12.  If all goes well I should have it by this Saturday, and be able to put the hub back together.

Replacement ordered off eBay

By the time I finished ordering the new axle the temps were dropping once again, so I headed inside to read for a while......Monday was a perfect 'off' day!

Thanks for stopping by!

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