Saturday, April 1, 2017



8:24 am - PDST - Saturday - 49º F, humidity 71%, wind 3 mph out of the east......the wind is gone and we have clear blue skies.  Forecast high for Saturday is 71º F.

After Thursday's 'event filled day' it was good to have an uneventful day Friday......the wind we fought all the way from Ventura brought with it a very chilly morning requiring me to wear a hoodie sweatshirt, my previously owned Nike sports pants, and slippers to go outside......

......and this is what outside looks like here at the delightful Lompoc Elks Lodge.......

I puttered around for an hour or so moving stuff from the front of the trailer to the rear so I could open my work bench and get at my tools and finished by deploying all four of the window awnings, but not the patio awning......just too windy still.  We are facing due south so we will be getting sun on both sides of the coach during the day.....hoping Saturday to see a lessening in the winds so we can deploy the patio awning, too.

Around 12:30 pm we decided to do some exploring......TLE had been busily researching Lompoc on her iPhone looking for thrift shops, the local Walmart, the local Napa Auto and Truck Parts (need to replenish my coolant reserves), and breweries.  We visited several thrift stores and TLE found a replacement salt/pepper caddie (ours broke recently) for $5.  Of course if there is a local Goodwill we always check it out.  Then it was over to the Walmart to replenish our supply of paper towels, and to stockpile some filtered water.....since we still have no sewer connection, and do not expect one until we reach TVC*, we cannot use our RO** system for the reasons I explained in my recent post.

Our last stop before the micro brewery was Napa where I picked up 2 gallons on the red coolant concentrate for heavy duty diesel engines......I can cut these two gallons with two gallons of distilled water and have a total of four usable gallons of coolant.

By this time it was about 1:30 pm and time to visit the local 'Hoptions' Taproom and Eatery (Solvang Brewing Company) which has only been open a short time.  They have a wonderful facility which features outdoor horseshoe pits, tetherball and ring toss, as well as a large alfresco dining area.  The inside features two large roll up doors which when open gives those inside the feel of being out side.....we like the setup a lot....

 The view from our table just inside the roll up door

The outdoor seating area

.......we chose a table just inside one of the open roll up doors as it was a little breezy, and then sat down to wait for our server.  As is often the case with a new restaurant the service was quite slow, and based on the Yelp reviews I have read for Solvang Brewing Company (owner of 'Hoptions' Taproom and Eatery) this is a problem being experienced by most of their customers.  We're retired and as long as we have a brew sitting in front of us and alfresco dining we're happy to put our 'patience in our pockets' as long as the brews and the food are very good, and they are.  For those who still occupy the 'workaday' world we have left behind it is a big issue, and I hope they get it.....the service......ironed out soon!  We ordered two battered onion rings, and chicken strips with french fries.....the portions were enormous.....way more than we needed, so we ended up getting a 'doggy box' to take the rest home.

We were home just after 3 pm with smiles on our it was time to do something we had not yet done our daily workouts, and we did.  I'm glad we are both working hard to lose the unwanted weight and inches, because it is so much easier to be consistent when someone else is pushing you to be so.....sometimes it's me pushing TLE, and some days it's the other way's all good and we are making great progress because of that.

So nice to be able to use the term 'uneventful' to describe our Friday......thanks for stopping by!

*TVC = Tahoe Valley Campground
**RO = Reverse Osmosis

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  1. We like to check out local thrift stores as well, usually lots of bargains to be found.
    Nice to get the weight and inches under control.