Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The return to 'Workaday'.....


7:31 am - Wednesday - 44º F, humidity 75%, wind 18 mph out of the south.......there is a slight breeze evident, but nothing in the range of 18 mph....heavy overcast once again, and a chance of rain today.

It was time to go back to work Tuesday didn't seem like it had been that long since I last did that, but it has been 6 months.  As we begin our 4th consecutive summer working at Tahoe Valley Campground (hereinafter referred to as 'TVC) in South Lake Tahoe (hereinafter referred to as 'SLT') it feels more like reuniting with an aging girlfriend whose every wrinkle, idiosyncrasy and blemish you know like the back of your hand, but love nonetheless.  But here's the thing......with each passing summer your efforts, and those of your friends and co-workers, are putting a smile back on the old girl making her attractive once again.

I spent a few minutes in the trailer putting together my summer tool bag of essential tools needed to work around sledge, hammer, channelocks, pliers, vicegrips, screw drivers, impact driver, sockets, tin shears, etc.  I'm sure there are a few tools I have forgotten, but those will become self evident by the end of the day.  Next I walk over to the maintenance yard to pick up a golf cart and then head to the office to see what tasks Miguel has on tap for me.  I'm only going to work 4 hours, and I know the time will go quickly.

My first task is to clear any remaining snow away from the restroom doors in the pool area to allow access so we can get some bids from a local contractor to remodel the, plus put a new roof on the pool buildings......that is easy as most of the snow is gone now.  Next he has me clear a lot of old racks, shelving and brackets off the storeroom shelves which are no longer in use to the janitorial closet to make room for store inventory which is being delivered on a daily basis.

In the middle of moving the old shelving, etc. Michael and Mary Eubank came into the store to complete some more of their employment paperwork.  They had just arrived the day before, and will be our 'Activity Directors' this summer.  I took them down to the Thousand Trails office to show them their office and supplies, and we spent time talking about their plans for the summer.  They are very excited about the challenge, and I'm very sure they will do a great job!

I finished moving all the old stuff from the storeroom by 1 pm, and then Miguel introduced me to our new assistant maintenance manager Jeff and asked me to take him with my on last task of the day which was to begin dismantling a couple of the old concrete picnic tables.....we began with the one in site 427 (right next to ours) and got all the wood unbolted from the two concrete bases by my quitting time (1:30).....we'll pull the concrete out of the ground with the Case 'loader' on Wednesday.  I drove with Jeff back to the Newell where I removed my tools, jacket and gloves from the cart, and turned it over to Jeff for the rest of the day.

My next task was to change clothes and ride my Intense 5.5 back over to site 426 (our site for the summer) to rake the pine needles and pine cones from the site in preparation for our move over there sometime Wednesday.  The only thing preventing us from moving was waiting for the water to be turned on, and that had been done Monday afternoon......

 About half done raking 4 pm I had the site cleared of all the winter debris and ready for our Wednesday move.  I was back at the Newell by 3:30 and puttering around in the trailer getting ready to move it before retiring for the day.

TLE had purchased a couple of filet mignons for me to grill Tuesday night, and grill them I did.....just as we finished eating Victor dropped by to talk about the coming summer, and to let TLE know she had been approved to begin working prior to May 1st, so she will report on Wednesday afternoon.

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