Friday, April 28, 2017

Here they come!


6:30 am - Friday - 28º F (BRRRR!!!), 87% humidity, wind - CALM......clear blue skies from horizon to horizon.....sun just beginning to peek over the eastern mountains.....forecast high for today is 48º F.....again.....BRRRR!!!

I rode my mountain bike (Intense 5.5) for the first time in months Thursday.....well, I rode it to work, anyway.  It's a long walk from our site all the way to the Maintenance Yard.....probably close to one third of a mile.  I usually store my bike in the cart shed during the day, and I really appreciate it being there at the end of a long day to whisk me home and a hot shower.  At any rate, I 'clocked' in around 10 am, and worked steadily on various projects.  

First up was to begin to prepare to build another wood pole fence....this time in the Group Area.....we are dividing that area into two distinct Group Campsites, and the fence will create the boundary between them.  In all it will be about 200' long, so I need to gather together the materials necessary to build it.  Over the past two years we have cut a lot of young lodgpole pines that were dead, or dying due to the drought.....they are ideal for building a pole fence, and they are in good supply right now.  Additionally, I will need a 100' feet of threaded rod to bind them all together.  By the time I had my materials list finished it was time to attend our first department head meeting of the summer where we spent an hour going over the management structure for this summer, as well as our goals for TVC.

We were done with our meeting by noon time and it was back to Section F for me to fix a pole fence, and to reinstall a sewer vent pipe which had fallen down during the winter.  After finishing the repair of the vent pipe I decided t head over to Section E and fix another pole fence I had noticed needed help on my way into work that morning.  While I was at it I repaired the snow fencing behind the employee sites which keeps campers from taking shortcuts through our sites.  By the time I finished that last task it was 3 pm, and time for me to clock out.....I'm working 5 hour days right now to kind of ease back into working 8 hours.  I'll take off Saturday and Sunday, and then begin working 8 hour days on Monday.

After clocking out I dropped off the cart in the Maintenance Yard, and pulled my bike out of the shed to ride home.  My work, however, was not done.....we still have a lot of stuff to deploy in our site, and I worked a couple more hours pulling stuff out of the trailer waiting for TLE to return from work so she could help me move a few heavy things like the picnic table.

Beginning to take shape
We are gradually getting acclimated to the elevation and winter like weather, we hope by the end of the weekend we will have finished setting up our site for the summer.  There is a lot to do and the next 4+ weeks will be a whirlwind as we get TVC ready for Memorial Day, and get our summer staff up to speed.  During our winter travels I had the opportunity to meet a few of our recruits in person as our paths crossed, but only a few.  As they begin to trickle into TVC the employee sites in Section E are filling up quickly........

The employee corner is beginning to fill up!
......oh, I almost forgot.....I received my 'Bicycle Trainer' so I can still get in a virtual ride when the weather is too cold, as it is right now....

The bicycle trainer courtesy eBay

......I used it for the first time Thursday morning.....well, that's it.....time to get ready for the workaday world once again.

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  1. How is that fence you had to fix and fix and re-fix so many times last year?

    1. Surprisingly there is little damage due to human causes....what damage there is was due to the snow plows pushing snow into it. All the areas I fixed due to human ingress last year are still intact.

  2. Enjoy your summer, when will it warm up? You are in California, urban myth says it should be warmer! :)

    1. It will start warming up in June.....looks to be a chilly May! It looks cold where you are, also.

  3. Looks like you are easing right back into the groove again. I take it with the elevation it will be a while before the warm temps kick in again.