Thursday, April 27, 2017

Old 426.....


6:32 am - Thursday - 37º F, humidity 33%, wind - CALM......clear blue skies....looking at a familiar view this morning!

Wednesday dawned heavily overcast with a mild threat of rain, and Wednesday was the day we were going to move to our permanent summer site.....# 426......'Old 426' is one of maybe 20-25 sites out of 406 that has a clear view of the southern sky which is important for satellite TV reception.  This will be our fourth consecutive summer in # 426, and this year we were going to setup differently from the prior three years.  I wrote last year about having the old, crumbling concrete picnic table removed along with the old grill, and then leveling the site from front to back after we moved out of our site last October.  Our intent was to park the trailer along the fence line to the rear of our site, and then be able to back the Newell deeper into our site thus putting us right next to the utilities.  In the past I have had to run over 20' of sewer hose in order to connect to the sewer connection, and a 25' fresh water hose to connect to the hose bib.  Of course, the question that is always lurking in the back of my mind....."Will our vision actually work?" coming to the forefront as I walk over to the maintenance yard around 9 am to pick up the Case Front Loader which I would use to clear the snow from the outer loop road in Section E....... the interests of full disclosure, this would be my first time operating the Case Front Loader on my own, and my first real experience using it to do actual work......I spent time in the maintenance yard last summer practicing using the loader, but we had a couple of guys to operate it last year, so I never really spent any time using it for TVC business.  All went well, and within an hour I had cleared three major snow fields from the outer loop road enabling us to use that road to drive our Newell in and enter our site from the rear.......

In position, but a few minor tweeks yet to come

......we parked the Newell, initially, at the front of the site so we could pull the trailer in using a pickup truck borrowed from Christina, one of our new employees, whom we had just helped get her trailer into the site next to us.....

Christina's trailer and truck in site # 425

.......I went back to site #167 to pick up the trailer with Christina's Dodge Ram and took the inside loop road in Section E to get it into our site from the front.....all of our concern was for naught.....the trailer fit precisely the way we had envisioned it, and then we moved the Newell back to the utility pedestal...... we pulled the tarp off our stockpile of firewood left over from last year, and retrieved our large piece of 'artificial turf'.......we'll move the portable picnic table into a better position as we continue to get setup for the summer.....there is still a lot more to do, but we decided to call it a day, and finish setting up everything Thursday and Friday.

 Once that was done I retrieved the Case Loader to finish removing the old concrete picnic table from site # 427 so Michael and Mary (our activity directors) could move their large Tuscany Class A coach over later in the afternoon.....I used the Loader to pickup the concrete pedestals, and the large redwood planks we salvaged from the table.

By that time it was closing in on 3 pm and time for me to call it a day.  I went back home and did a little more work around our site, which included moving the trailer back a few feet using our 'Trailer Valet' so we could properly extend our patio that time TLE had returned from work and helped me finish that last it was time for a long, hot shower, and then time to grill some pollo asado for dinner.....with our new configuration I can watch the NBA playoffs through trailer door while grilling, and smoking the odd cigar.....suweet!

We are falling in love with our new configuration and have a lot of ideas which will come to fruition over the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I do enjoy your blog. And I also like a "perfect" campsite. Bob

  2. Nice to get every things fine tuned for your stay there, Looks like a great set-up.

  3. You sure got a lotta switches on that dashboard o' yers.