Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Will 'it' ever end?


6:46 am - Wednesday - 52º F, 85% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the south southeast......very cloudy.....forecast high 69º F.

It rained for about 90 minutes Tuesday morning.....that was not in the local forecast.  Our Jello plan initially was to get the tandem out and take a ride up to Morro Bay, which is about 16 miles away and TLE was good with that.  Now, we have been to Morro Bay many times over the years and most recently about 8 years is one of our favorite central coast towns.  However, I got a personal message on telling me about a local trail called the Bob Jones Trail which is about 9 miles long.......about half of it is bike path, and the rest is bike lanes, and low traffic streets.  I told TLE about it and how nice it would be to ride to a place we hadn't been before and she agreed immediately.  We just had to wait for the weather to was still raining at the time.

Eventually the skies cleared around 11 am and we were off on our Cannondale singles (Bad Boy & F600)......the beginning of the trail is about 1/2 mile away from the Elks Lodge.....

.....the first segment of the bike trail is about 2 miles long and runs along San Luis Obispo Creek, and some wetlands........

......on the other side of the trail is SR-101.......eventually it dumps you out on Los Osos for about two blocks where you turn right on Higuera, and then left on Ontario Road.....this section is about 4.5 miles long...... about the 6.5 mile mark you re-enter the Bob Jones Bike Trail which runs 2.5 miles along Avila Creek, then crosses a golf course.........

 The second half of the Bob Jones Trail is about 2.5 miles long and runs along Avila Creek before crossing a golf course
 Need protection from flying golf balls!

Made it in about 54 minutes

......before ending at Avila Beach/Pier....surprisingly, the temperatures were warmer at Avila Beach than 'SLO' (Locals' abbreviation for San Luis Obispo....pronounced 'slō').....the beach front area is quite charming in spite of the 'Spring Break' crowds......

 Will Spring Break EVER end?

.....and sports numerous eateries right along the beach front promenade......we chose 'PierFront Wine and Brews', which offers two of our favorite food groups.......I ordered a pint of Firestone 805 (draft) and TLE a glass of Chardonnay, also on tap, to which we added two appetizers.......the spinach & jalapeño dip with crostini, and a bowl of mixed nuts......a perfect snack with which to enjoy the ambiance of this cool little town!

We lingered about 40 minutes at our alfresco table before paying our bill and heading back to SLO via the Bob Jones Trail on our all the round trip ride was just over 18 miles which we covered in 1 hour and 46 minutes.....a great ride to a place we had never been before, and we are so glad we changed our Jello plans!

After returning I spent about an hour fixing one of the two single cylinder Schlage deadbolt locks on our door.  For some time now the upper deadbolt could not be locked using the was possible to engage it from inside, but not the outside.  I had tried to fix it two, or three times previously, but my fix only lasted a few minutes.....this time I was determined to figure out why.  Ultimately I had to remove the bottom lock to check its components to see what was wrong, or broken with the top it turned out the 'tailpiece' was twisted like a corkscrew, which had shortened it to the point where it would no longer engage with the keyed portion of the lock.......

'Tailpiece', I got out my Vice Grips and began to 'unwind' it so I could remove it.....once it was straight enough I was able to pull it out and then work on getting it completely straight again.....I was worried about breaking it, but as it turned out I was able to get it straight and then re-install it.  Obviously, now that it has been twisted and untwisted it will not be as strong as when it was new so I have ordered two new Schlage 'tailpieces' from Amazon as a precaution.....they will be at TVC when we arrive late next week.

After successfully fixing the top lock TLE and I headed over to the Jacuzzi for a 30 minute soak.....a great way to end our the time we returned it was about 5:30 so we fixed a couple of cocktails and sat outside until the chill of the early evening air chased us inside.....I watched the 3rd and final episode of 'Jack' I watched it, as well as another 1 hour piece on Arnold Palmer, it occurred to me that 'the world has moved on'.......the golfers I grew up with (Arnie Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Hale Irwin, Seve Ballesteros, Tom Weiskoff, Tom Kite, etc.) have been replaced.....all the great memories I have of watching them over the years are just memories now, but sweet memories, nonetheless.  Time is moving forward rapidly and living in the moment becomes more and more important.

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