Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I think it's winter again......

Tuesday was pretty much a lost day in our barely reached 40 degrees, it was quite windy....windy enough that it blew the pilot light out on the water heater four times.....and rained all day.....all day.

The weather channel (362 on DirecTV) was on in the back ground all day long.........I know, many people had a much worse day than seems there were a lot of tornadoes in many different places over the past few days, so my plight seems just a little minor compared to losing your home, or life.  I should be grateful that my biggest problem is "cabin fever".

After writing my daily blog entry, and having some breakfast I changed my clothes, and got back to the bathroom sink issue.  There was one very, very small leak on the cold water side.  Ultimately I had to removed the cold water valve, remove the brass reducer and re-apply "pipe dope" and then re-install everything.  That did the more leaking and finally it was time to "button up" the faucet project after about 9.5 hours of effort.  Right now I know way more about the space under our bathroom sink than I wish I did.  I also learned it is amazing the positions in which one can contort one's 64 year old body when one must do so in order to finish a project.

Right now it looks like one more bad weather day on Wednesday and then things begin to improve Thursday as the resident low pressure area begins to move off to make someone else's life miserable.

At one point we had 4 electric heaters going......the water bay heater, the bedroom heater, a portable heater in the bathroom, and the front salon heater drawing about 40 amps......then I turned on the engine block heater (putting us a little over 50 amps for about an hour) as I needed to start the big Detroit Diesel to put air back in the air tanks that were reading under 100 psi......the only time I lose air that fast is when it is very cold for multiple days, which is what we have had.  Normally I would see a reduction of a few psi over a week.....over 20 psi in just 3 days is a lot.  So glad we have 50 amp service, which really means that we have access to 100 amps of power.....50 amp service means you have 50 amps on each power "leg", or blade, of the large four blade plug (one of the remaining blades is a neutral, and the other is a ground).

We spent time reading the rest of the afternoon, watching weather reports, processing a large envelope of mail my son Chris had forwarded, and just relaxing.....there is really not much more to report, and that is the way some days go.

We did receive some very disappointing news yesterday........a good friend of ours, Paul Snuffer (Alabama) has untreatable lung cancer.  We've known his wife, Diane, since the 60's, and have spent time with them 3 times over the past few years......please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.  This devastating news just reaffirms our decision to retire early and don't know what is coming just around the next life as if you had a few weeks to live.

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