Thursday, February 21, 2019

2018 Year In Review - Part 5 - The Road to Cedar Key

For those who care about such things this post is number 2,655 since I began writing my blog back in 2009.

We departed Campbellsville, KY on December 19th headed for Nashville.  Our flight out of Nashville to SoCal was on December 24th, so we were able to do a little Nashville and environs sightseeing before we flew home for Christmas.....

More micro brews

A visit to the Antique Archeology  (of American Pickers fame) store in Nashville was in order

There was the National Corvette Museum a little north of Nashville in Bowling Green, KY

A wonderful lunch afterwards at the White hamburger ever!

A serendipitous meet up with Steve and Suzanne

.....on December 24th we boarded an American Airlines flight out of Nashville, TN to Irvine, CA to spend Christmas with our 5 children, plus our 6 grand children (soon to be 7 five weeks later), and our 2 great grand children.  All of our children still live in SoCal within 20 minutes of each other......

Jetting home

Christmas 2018 with our growing family

Grand daughter Cynthia with her two kids (Jameson and Daniel - our great grandkids) and Daniel

Our daughter Sharon with her husband Rod and Brayden James

Our daughter Kate with her husband Nick, and three children (Elijah, Charlise and Jolene)

 Son Tim and wife Layla at Christmas expecting their first child (Crosby Mark)

Crosby Mark born about 5 weeks later

 Oldest son Chris with his wife, Rochelle, and their two kids, Cynthia and Christopher

With our five kids.....Chris, Sharon, Kate, Meredith and Tim

Jetting back to Nashville

.....we had a wonderful 2 day stay in SoCal, but then it was time to take the 'red eye' back to Nashville the evening of December 26th.  We landed in Nashville at 8:30 am December 27th pretty tired, but excited about the next few days of travel.  We we back to our Newell at the Elks Lodge in Nashville within 45 minutes, and 3 hours later were traveling southward to Chattanooga, TN where we overnighted in a Walmart parking lot.  It rained most of the night, and all the next day as we traveled ever southward on I-24 through the Atlanta and Macon corridors where the traffic and rain were terrible.  After about 9 hours of slogging past one accident after another, and torrential rain we arrived in Valdosta, GA where we stayed in an RV park overnight.

The weather on the 29th was partly cloudy as we finished our drive to Cedar Key, FL, but the traffic continued to be horrendous.  At last we arrived at Sunset Isle RV Park in Cedar Key where we saw in the New Year.....

In Cedar Key, FL at last

With 'Krash' and Karen at a local high school basket ball tournament

Our site for 6 days at Sunset Isle in Cedar Key, FL

1842 Daily Grind and Mercantile breakfast

At the Low Key Hideaway Tiki Bar for one of their famous sunsets

And there it is

1.5 mile walk into Cedar Key from Sunset Isle.....we love this walk

Another breakfast and coffee at 1842 Daily Grind and Mercantile

Downtown Cedar Key on Dock Street

Another spectacular Cedar Key sunset on New Years day

Sunset Isle RV Park in Cedar Key.....where we always stay

Dock Street in Cedar Key

.....and thus ends the year 2018.  It was a very busy year for us as we covered just over 8,000 miles, and finally seeing our 48th state.  2019 promises to be just as busy as we travel to our 49th state.....the great state of Alaska.  Stayed tuned for more adventures!

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