Sunday, February 17, 2019

The little generator that could.......

7:42 am - Sunday - February 17th - Wittmann, AZ - 35º F, 84% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the northwest......cloudless, deep blue skies with a forecast high today of 54º  F.

Our hosts (Tom and Darlene) arrived home from their one month trip to Southeast Asia on Friday, and Saturday TLE went on some errands with Darlene.  While she was gone I decided to disconnect from our electrical umbilical cord and plug into our 'new' Honda EU2000i generator to see if, as advertised, it could power our rear A/C unit, which was really the whole point of buying it, right?  

This used Honda 2000 watt, 3.5 horsepower generator starts on the first pull every time, and runs so quiet.....maybe a little quieter than the Predator, but not by much.  Once the Honda had warmed up for a few minutes I plugged in the RV 50 amp cord, and then went inside to turn on the rear A/C.  It takes about 4 minutes before the cooling unit kicks in, and when it did I saw the amp usage surge, but the little Honda kept up with the surge, and then settled down.  Within seconds I could feel the air coming out the A/C vents getting colder and colder.....YAY!!!  It works!  I let the Honda power the A/C for about 20 minutes before turning off the A/C, and then let it run a few more minutes to cool down before shutting it down.  I could not be happier with my decision to buy the Honda, and once again, have successfully bought an appliance on eBay that works as it should.

I spent the rest of the morning using a micro fiber towel to wipe the accumulated dirt, and grime off the back, and passenger side of the coach.  The rear was particular dirty after driving in the snow and slush in Flagstaff on February 7th.  Initially I was going to get out the hose and wash it down, but one of the benefits of using the waterless wash system I use is that after application you can just wipe off the dirt, and the shine immediately returns....

You can really see the contrast in this picture! I'll have to get out the ladder to finish the top portion!  I managed to get the lower half of the passenger side done before taking a break to watch some more of the Genesis Open (Riviera Country Club).

Around 4 pm Tom took me for a ride in his new 'Razor' for about 40 minutes, and just as we returned I saw that TLE and Darlene had also just returned.  We went inside to talk for a while, and then headed back out to the Newell for the evening. We watched a couple of recorded programs, and then called it another day.

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