Saturday, February 23, 2019

Post deluge......

8:00 am - Saturday - February 23rd - Wittmann, AZ - 32º F, 91% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the north......clear blue skies today (no rain!) with a forecast high of 54º F.  Our 'city' water line came close to freezing last night.....close, but no cigar.  When I turned on the water this morning it slowed to a trickle, so I let it keep running for a few minutes and it gradually thawed out, and came back to full pressure.

As has been our habit the last few months we awoke to a continuation of the rain from the day/night before.  It continued raining most of the morning, finally coming to a merciful end around 3 pm.

Friday was also 'dump the black tank' day.  We had a brief window without rain around 10 am so I began the process only to be rained upon near the end of the process.  By the time I put everything away I was very cold, and a little damp.

Looking at the 14 day forecast for Wittmann it appears we are in for some much warmer weather in the short term with temps getting into the 70's over the next week, and then settling into the 60's....a nice change for sure....

 Wittmann weather looking quite good for the next two weeks!

.....after warming up inside the coach for a few minutes I walked over to the Newell Barn to see what Tom was up to on a Friday afternoon.  He was installing some new 12 volt LED lights in the storage bays on the 2002 Newell, so I hung out watching him install 4, or 5 all the while talking about this and that.  I enjoy talking with Tom as I always come away knowing more than I knew before.

As is often the case when a weather system spends itself and finally moves along we had a wonderful sunset Friday was very brief, but glorious......

.....TLE and I spent the evening catching up on some recorded shows, including Blacklist, which was two one hour shows  back to back (no Blacklist for two weeks now), which answered a few more questions, but also added a few more at the same time.

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