Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Doctor, doctor.....Mr. MD.....

6:55 am - Tuesday - April 30th - Ramona, CA - 53° F, 92% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the south.....heavy cloud cover still, but no more rain. Forecast high will be 61° F......

The view this morning

Title taken from Good Lovin' by the Rascals....circa 1966....enjoy

We awoke Monday to rain which had begun shortly before we went to bed Sunday evening.  It was a very gentle rain....just the kind of rain we prefer here in SoCal.  I had my pre-surgical appointment Monday morning in Rancho Cucamonga at my primary care physician's office.  Just as 2.5 years ago, in order to have cataract surgery, I had to be certified to be in good health by my PCP* to have the surgery, and this time is no different.  The appointment was scheduled for 10:30 am so we began our drive around 7:30 am.  It should only take two hours to cover the 107 miles, but you just never know about traffic, especially when it is raining and the possibility of accidents increases exponentially.  It takes about 35 minutes to get from RORVR**  down the long hill to I-15, and as hoped we were merging onto that Interstate by 8:05 am.  Based on traffic Google maps indicated we would arrive in Rancho Cucamonga around 9:30 am.  By time we had merged it was raining buckets of rain......

Windshield wipers on high

.....hard to believe we are having this kind of rain in SoCal in late April, but you won't see many complain after years of drought.

In spite of the early rain along the southern end of our route we did arrive in Rancho to blue skies by 9:30 am just as Google maps predicted.  It's a good thing we were an hour early as I left the form my doctor needed to complete sitting on my computer.....doh!  Since we were early we headed directly for Pacific Eye Institute  in Upland to pick up another form.  Even with the detour we still arrived with form in hand at my doctor's office by 9:50 am.

I didn't have to wait long before I was called in to get my vital statistics before seeing the doctor, then it was another short wait before my doctor entered the ubiquitous small room to do my examination.  He was finished within 20 minutes, I had my completed form, and a prescription for another 10 months of my blood pressure medication.

From there we headed for COSTCO to pick up three prescriptions.....the blood pressure refill, and two other eye drop prescriptions for my upcoming cataract surgery.  By the time we left COSTCO and got on I-15 southbound it was 12:15 pm and were entering Ramona by 1:55 pm....even though it rained again on the return trip we made very good time.

Before continuing our drive to RORVR** we stopped off at a local watering hole called 'Reds, Whites and Brews' to order a 'flight' of local craft brews.....Yelp gives them 5 stars on 29 reviews, plus we had heard about this place from a couple of people and wanted to check out their beer offerings.  They also serve many local red and white wines, but that tasting session would have to wait for another time, as they do not serve food at RW&B***, and we hadn't eaten since breakfast....😉  We sampled 4 craft brews in all, and the one I loved the most was Peanut Butter Milk Stout......OMG!

A couple of my readers commented on the good deal I got on the Winegard Slimline satellite dish and asked where I got it.  My initial reply was that I got it on eBay and that it was listed as 'used', but had never been used, or installed.  I thought this was a one of a kind deal, however, the same seller is listing another for the same price......here is the link if you are interested: 

eBay item # 123748489960

I received mine via UPS a few days ago, and it is all there in the original box, so this is the real deal if you are interested.

By the time we arrived home it was raining once again, so we stayed inside and listened to the rain on our riveted aircraft aluminum roof.  It rained on an off until after 9 pm.  We were in bed a little after 10 pm with smiles on our faces.

Thanks for stopping by!

* PCP = Primary Care Physician
** RORVR = Ramona Oaks RV Resort
*** RW&B = Reds, Whites and Brews

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