Sunday, April 28, 2019

Last day of unemployment......

6:53 am - Sunday - April 28th - Ramona, CA - 54°, 89% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north.....clear blue skies today with a forecast high of 73° F......↴

Today's morning view

Saturday began with a heavy marine layer that almost resembled fog, but by 10 am the skies had cleared to partly cloudy.  Around 10 am we decided to take a walk down to the office to find out what our start time for our Sunday orientation would be, and to pick up our RORVR* work t-shirts.  Afterwards we spent some time enjoying the fishing lake view....

Looking northeast

......the fishing is strictly 'catch and release' treble hooks.  I'm not sure what kind of fish are in the lake, but I will ask someone on Sunday during our orientation.  From there we walked up to the 'community center which sports a miniature golf course, basketball hoop, shuffle board, pool table, fire pit, dog park, BBQ's, horseshoe pit, and a beach volleyball court.......  

.......from there we made our way over to the pool area which has a very large Olympic size pool, and a Jacuzzi heated to 101° F for your dipping pleasure.  Next to the pool is a very nice kiddie park, which is all fenced......

.....we were back home around noon time having walked about 1.6 miles around the park.  

Aerial view courtesy Google Maps of Ramona Oaks RV Resort

Since I had not dumped our black tank without the macerator pump for almost 3 months I decided to do a proper dump with the large sewer hose which really enables me to really flush out the tank properly.  I filled the black tank 4 times to the half way mark after the initial effluent dump.  By the end of the 4th flushing the water was running crystal clear, and I was confident all the waste particulate matter had been completely removed.

Our site backs up against a creek, and on the far side of the creek is Highway 78......

State Highway 78 in the background

....Sunday through Thursday the traffic is not too bad, but on the weekends during the spring/summer the road is buzzing with tourist traffic.  The only time I really hear any traffic is when motorcycles go rumbling by, but otherwise the traffic noise is not very intrusive.

For the third successive day we spent the early evening hours (4-6 pm) out on the 'lido deck' reading, and listening to music.  We are quickly settling into, and enjoying our new surroundings.....thanks for stopping by!

*RORVR = Ramona Oaks RV Resort

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