Saturday, April 27, 2019

Environmentally speaking.....

7:52 am - Saturday - April 27th - Ramona, CA - 51° F, 89% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the west by northwest.......marine layer this morning with a forecast high of 74° F. 

Our first morning in at RORVR* dawned with clear blue skies, and a promised forecast high of 77° F.  Before it got warm we were out setting up our environment.  The first orders of business were to reposition the coach within our site a little to the passenger side, and about 2' further back in the site.  There is a certain point at the rear of our site where it begins to go downhill resulting in the front being high, so our goal was to get the rear wheels right up to the point where the declivity began, then relevel, and improve the draining characteristics of our sewer hose.........

.....we were successful on all counts.  Next up we had to drag the artificial turf out the side door (normally we pull it out the back when the ramp door is open as it is much easier with the bigger opening, but we forgot to do so before we backed the trailer up against the fence at the rear of our site).  It ended up being easier than we expected, and before long we had our patio awning deployed, turf down, and sunscreen installed...... up were our black wheel covers, raise the pirate flag, set up the Sea-B-Que, and hang our name plaque on the front of the coach.....looking good, no?

Last up for the morning was to assemble my two bikes, set up a table in the trailer on which to set my three tool bags, set up my workbench.  Now that we know we can get the DirecTV signal with our roof top Winegard crank up satellite dish I will return the Winegard Carryout portable dish, and attendant 400' of cables to the warehouse on Monday when I drive back to Rancho Cucamonga for my doctor appointment.

Later in the day we drove into  town to visit the TruValue Hardware store for some hardware related items, and Stater Brothers to pick up a few food items as well as kind of get familiarized again with where everything is in town.  Once thing we know for sure.....there are at least 8-10 Mexican restaurants (most rated at 4 stars, or better) in town, and we will need to sample their culinary offerings at some point.  

We closed the day out on 'the lido deck' as TLE calls it, celebrating another happy hour, and enjoying the early evening coolness.  TLE had me grill some chicken breasts she had been marinating all day around 6 pm, and by 6:30 we were enjoying another great TLE meal.

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*RORVR = Ramona Oaks RV Resort


  1. Clark, that $995. price is great. Would you please let me know where you got it. Amazon shows that dish, however its over $1600. Thanks, Bob Plaskon

    1. Got it 'used' on eBay. Box had been opened, but never used, or installed.