Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Newell Renewal - Day 12

7:10 am - Wednesday - April 29th - Wittmann, AZ - 74° F, 28% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the east.....clear, blue, sunny, very hot skies today with a forecast high of 102° F.  On this day in 2016 we were high into the Eastern Sierras on our way to South Lake Tahoe for the summer....... we are at the Crowley Lake vista point about 15 miles from Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Right now we are playing a waiting game....waiting for parts to arrive, that would normally have been received within 2-3 days of their being ordered, but the world has slowed considerably in the past month.  We hope to have the needed parts to install the rebuilt Leece-Neville alternator, and to install the new tail lights by Friday, but who knows for sure.  

In the interim Glenn, Tom and I drove into Wickenburg to the local O'Reilly's to retrieve the four new 8d batteries ordered on Monday...... I am helping the store manager to carry the old batteries inside, and bring the new ones out to Glenn's 2008 Honda Element......

 The new 8d batteries

.....we were back by 10:30 am and quickly had the new batteries installed in their respective cubby holes..... will recall we installed the new control board in the Dometic Classic absorption refrigerator a few days ago.  The temp in the freezer quickly got to about 9° F, but the fridge part only got down to 41° F.  We found out that there is a little blue control knob on the control board which can be adjusted.  The factory setting is at #3, so we moved it up closer to #5, and then let time takes its measure.....

......and after a couple of adjustments we got the fridge down to 38° F.  We are hoping it will get down to 35-36° F eventually.

While I was getting a bite to eat, and a nap Tom and Glenn aired up the '84 Newell to see if there were still any air leaks, and there was still one.  It turned out that the LOW air pressure sending unit above the rear air supply tank was leaking.... it had to be replaced.  Fortunately, Tom was able to find one at 'Fleet Pride' in Avondale, AZ which is about a 30 minute drive away.  We will get the new one Wednesday, and that should wrap up the search for air leaks, of which there have been many.

.....of course there is the ongoing mystery of the 'marker lights' not working, so Tom, Glenn and I began tackling that.  After a couple more hours of trouble shooting we found the wire from the fuse block to the on/off switch had a short, and that solved the problem of the blown fuses, but we still had no power at any of the marker lights.....  

.......the final solution will have to await another day as we need to button things up so we can be ready to leave as soon as the aforementioned parts are delivered.

And thus comes to an end day 11 of the 'Newell Renewal' project.  We are ready to escape the gravitational pull of Wittmann is starting to heat up considerably, and it is not cooling off at night.  I woke up this morning to 74° F....way to warm for first thing in the morning!  Oh, and by the way, we are all still asymptomatic to the Wuhan is good.

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