Sunday, June 21, 2020

Early Father's Day.....

7:34 am - Sunday - June 21st - Corwin Springs, MT - 45° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM....AGAIN!  Heavy cloud cover once again today with a forecast high of 66° F.  The view this morning.......↴

Apparently, I took no pictures of anything, or anyone Saturday so you will have to use your imagination more than usual this morning.  Saturday began with clear, blue skies and it was so nice I was outside pretty early wiping a few weeks worth of grime off the riveted aircraft aluminum sides of the Newell.  Keeping a coat of wax on her sides makes it easy to wipe off dirt, grease and grime, and within 30 minutes the deed was water necessary to get her looking her best once again.

As I was finishing the last section TLE came outside to inform me that had purchased a 1 hour massage for me at the Chico Hot Springs day spa beginning at 11 was just before 10 am, and to get there in time I would need to be rolling the wheels of the Beetle by 10:20 am....what a surprise!  She said it was an early Father's Day gift for the most important father in her life.

Within 30 minutes I was in the car rolling south toward Pray, MT where Chico Hot Springs is located, and arrived at 9:50 am as had been requested by the receptionist who took the reservation.  Within minutes I was shown into a massage room and the one hour session was underway....a full body massage.  I think the last full body massage I had was here at the same day spa back on August 29, 2017.....our 46th wedding anniversary.  I'm sure at some point that I lost consciousness, and suddenly I heard the voice of practitioner saying 'That's it Clarke' doesn't get much better than that.

I was back home by 1:30 pm after stopping at a Sinclair fuel station in Emigrant, MT to add 12 gallons of premium unleaded to the VW's tank.  I spent the rest of the day napping and reading.  We'll be on the road Sunday morning heading for Billings, MT, and within a few days we will be in Keystone, SD for our two week sojourn over the 4th of July.  Around 7 pm I joined Claude and Gail for a campfire....our first here at LaDuke Springs Campground, and that wrapped up our fourth day here.  I was a good four day stint, and we spent a lot of time reconnecting with friends....time to move onto our next rendezvous.

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