Monday, June 8, 2020

Weather induced social distancing.....

8:38 am - Monday - June 8th - Island Park, ID - 31° F, 95% humidity, wind 11 mph out of the south.....heavy cloud cover with an 85% chance of rain later today.  Snow was forecast overnight, but we.....thankfully.....only got a dusting.....all gone now.  The view this morning......↴

We had no plans for Sunday as the forecast, which was realized, was for rainy, windy conditions all the day long, so staying inside, and hunkering down was the perfect anecdote for the conditions. 

('s about 9 am Monday morning now, and it just began to snow again....uh oh!  It is very fine snow being driven parallel to the ground by the wind.)

TLE read most of the day whilst I watched 'bad TV' and napped.  I went outside a few times when the rain abated, but that was only for a few minutes at a time as the wind chill factor made it impossible to wear flip flops and shorts for long.

Valley View RV Park sits adjacent to a fuel station where the current diesel price is $2.79/gallon.........

....the view of the mountains across the highway later in the morning revealed a little more snow than the day before.....

.....there is this cool, vintage road grader which sits just across the interior gravel road from our site.....

....and that is the sum total of our Sunday....mostly about

As has been our custom since February 4th we continue to find ourselves deep in extremely rural America.  The further north we move the less we see face masks worn by fact I have not seen a face mask in about 5 days now.  We all continue to be, as one might expect, asymptomatic.....not even so much as a sniffle.  We are also far from any rioting, or demonstrations.  Life seems normal here in Island Park, ID, and just as much as we are deeply thankful to be in such a safe, remote place, we continue to pray for all who live in urban areas of our country during these times of social upheaval.

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