Friday, January 28, 2022

The last battle?

 8:35 am - Friday - January 28th - Newell House, AZ - 53° F, 16% humidity, wind 16 mph out of the northeast......crystal clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 70° F.  On this date in 2015 TLE and I were at Rock Bottom Brewing Company in Peoria, AZ sampling brews......↴

....which, by the way, is no longer there....I'll write about that in today's post.  The views this morning......

.....beautiful, windy blown sunrise, and the after effect of the wind on my wheels covers.....

We've been dealing with an on again, off again ant problem for a couple of years.  Several times we thought we had them beat, but within a month, or so they came back.  Finally, a few weeks ago, we decided to 'bomb' the interior of the Newell with an appropriate aerosol to kill the ant colony.  To do that we needed to turn off all our electrical, or gas fired appliances for several hours, which in turn means we needed to empty our freezer, and refrigerator and put that food somewhere else, which in this case, meant utilizing the refrigerator in Tom's man cave in Newell House.  We decided that Thursday would be that day, so around 10 am we began to move the food, and then remove the drawers containing our flatware, and cutlery to the trailer, so we didn't have to wash them later.  TLE put our dishes, etc. in the refrigerator for the same reason.  We finally finished around 11 am, and by 11:30 am we were in our car driving over to Peoria to do some shopping, and have lunch to kill a few hours.

Our lunch destination was Rock Bottom Brewing Company where we have dined numerous times over the years when we are in Wittmann.  TLE had looked them up to be sure they were open, and it seemed they were.  Ironically, as can be noted above, we had lunch at Rock Bottom on virtually the same date in 2015.  Anyway, after a 40 minute drive we arrived to find Rock Bottom was no longer there, but there was now a Mexican restaurant (Barrio Queen) occupying the building.  After a brief discussion we decided to go ahead and try out Barrio Queen.....

....frankly, we were blown away how delicious our menu choices were, and eating them alfresco only added to our satisfaction.  We were there over an hour before moving on to COSTCO to fuel up the VW at $3.69/gallon for premium unleaded.  Our next stop was the Goodwill in Surprise, and then the TJ's right next door was our final stop before we headed home to air out the Newell interior, and reverse the process from the morning.  Now we wait to see if we have finally been successful in our battle.

On our way home I got a call from Tom advising the 8 Firestone airbags were in at the local Napa, so we will go into Wickenburg on Friday to retrieve, and pay for them.  Additionally, I found out my four Koni shocks will also be delivered on Friday, so now the real work is about to begin.

We were treated to a nice sunset followed a few hours later by rising winds.  It was about 10 pm when we realized we would have to stow the patio awning the, or face having to get up at 3 am to stow it.....easy choice.  As I sit here composing today's missive the winds are still howling out of the northeast.

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