Saturday, May 27, 2023

The TJ's faux pas........

 7:16 am - Saturday - May 27th - LPG&RVR - 52° F, humidity 74%, wind 0 mph out of the west by northwest.....partly cloudy today with rain forecast for this afternoon around 2 pm, and a high temperature of 68° F.  On this date in 2016 TLE and I were at Pope Beach near South Lake Tahoe, where we had ridden our was a cold, blustery late May day......↴

The sun began to brighten the large window in our Shilo Inn room around 6:30 am, and as is always the case, we began to regain consciousness after a wonderful night's sleep on that California King pillowed mattress.  By 7 am we were up, and getting dressed for our 2+ hour drive home.  By 8 am we had hauled our luggage down to the VW, and were on our way to Fred Meyers to top off our tank, then pickup a few items in the store.  It's been a while since we've fueled up in Oregon, and I forgot that civilians are not allowed to pump their own gasoline.  At any rate we took on about 5.5 gallons, then parked the car, and went inside the store to buy a few food items....TLE found two beautiful filets on sale for $17.99, so she bought them.  I needed a new beard trimmer as the bear trimming portion of my Norelco shaver had ceased working the day we left for Redding.  I found a nice Braun on sale for $19.99, and bought it.

We were back in the VW around 8:30 am and on our way cruising southward to the California border.  The drive was, for which we always hope, uneventful, and we arrived back in Alturas around 10:20 am where we made a quick stop at the Holiday Market to buy another week's supply of produce.  We don't buy our produce in Oregon as it creates a hassle re-entering California.

We managed to arrive back at LPG&RVR just before 11:30 am, and while we were putting away our groceries, and alcohol TLE discovered that the single malt scotch and vodka we had purchased at Trader Joe's in Redding were missing.  It was no where to be found....doh!  There was over $130 worth of liquor in that bag!  TLE called Trader Joe's and found a good, honest person had turned the bag full of liquor into the store manager, and that they would hold it for us when we return next Friday to get the smog work done on the VW....whew!  Crisis!

After putting away our groceries we decided to drive the golf cart over to the restaurant for lunch.  I ordered their bacon cheese burger, and TLE their grilled chicken...we chose an alfresco table on the deck overlooking the putting green....

.....while we were enjoying our lunch TLE found out that office Kathy, the Kathy who shares TLE's office job, was not feeling very well, so she offered to take over for her at 2 pm for the last 3 hours, so I ended up home, alone, after that taking a long nap.  I woke up around 3 pm, and decided to take my seemingly defunct Noreclo beard trimmer out to the garage workbench to see if I could disassemble it to see what was wrong, and if it was fixable.  There were just two allen screws affixing the cutting blades to the plastic assembly, so I removed them, and found that it was something I could fix, so I did, and reassembled it.  It worked!  Now I have an extra beard trimmer, which I can take with me on overnight trips.  I've had the Norelco for probably 6+ years, so I'm happy I was able to extend its life....

That's the shaver head in the stock photo

.....around 4:50 pm I walked over to the Clubhouse to use the putting green, while TLE closed down the office.  I putted for probably 40 minutes and managed to sink a hole in one on each of the 5 holes, then on #1 I sank three consecutive hole in ones. I've never even come close to doing that well, ever!  

By the bye....while I was putting I got a call from Brent at A-1 Smog in Redding that he had sourced all the parts we'll need to restore our emissions systems to visual inspection condition, and that it will only take 1 hour to install them.  We will drive back to Redding next Thursday via an overnight, again, in Burney, then arrive at A-1 at their 7 am opening time on Friday. If all goes well we'll be back in LPG&RVR by noon time Friday.....we hope!

Finally, TLE was done around 5:30 pm, and we headed home for the night.  We sat on the 'viewing deck' until after 7 pm, before heading inside for the night.  We watched the series finale of 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'.  It is not often I like finales, but this one was perfect, and we both appreciated the choices the writers, producers and directors made.

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