Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Busy, busy.....

 6:18 am - Wednesday - May 31st - LPG&RVR - 51° F, humidity 93%, wind 1 mph out of the north by northwest.....heavy cloud cover today with a forecast high of 69° F.  On this date in 2016 TLE and I were enjoying a pitcher of Payback Porter, and amazing fish tacos at The Classic Cue in South Lake Tahoe......miss that place......↴

We were on the job by 7:40 am, and I still had 6 five gallon buckets of range balls to wash, and dry, plus all the things I normally do on a Tuesday like a lot of mowing!  Before any of that can happen I needed to head out for my daily first round of the golf course to see how busy the geese/ducks have been on the #3 tee boxes, then check the four sand traps for weeds, and rake if necessary, and look for any flags downed by the overnight wind.  Speaking of wind overnight, we don't always feel it here in the RV park, but out on the western edges of the golf course it can get quiet brisk, and almost every time I make that first round I find at least one flag is never the same can be #5, #14, #15, #6, #7, or even #8.  I'm glad we don't always get that kind of wind in the park, or we'd be stowing our awning all the time.  Anyway, there was one flag down on this date....#15...all the other aforementioned flags survived, and remained in their holes.

I was back around 9:30 am, and immediately began to wash the golf balls.  How this works is I soak them in soapy water (Dawn works best) for a period of time....usually for just a few hours, not overnight.  Then I pull about 1/2 the balls at a time out of a given bucket, clean them, rinse them, then put them in one of the wire baskets from the ball machine to air dry for a few hours before pouring them into the 55 gallon barrel in the Clubhouse.  I can do 25 gallons of balls in about an hour.  On this particular morning the outdoor temp was in the high 50's and the water felt

Both pavilions had emptied overnight so I headed there next to mow both of them, then mowed the parking lot grass, the large grass area next to site #30, the large grass area at the group fire pit, and then 6 of the full hookup pull through sites, which were also unoccupied, plus 2 of the employee lawns.  I'll get the other two on Wednesday, or Thursday.  In all I disposed of 5 trailer loads of grass cuttings by 4 pm.

We only rented the 5 Club Car electrics on Tuesday....quite a contrast to Monday!  They were not all back  at 5 pm, so I had to return after 6 to at least plug them in for the night. I'll wash them Wednesday morning.

We got rain on and off all afternoon, and another of those 30 minute 'toad stranglers' around 4 rained well into the evening, and was still coming down when we went to bed around 10 pm.  In spite of the rain I got the range balls dried, and put away before the serious rain began.  

In between the showers

This Spring has been different from last year when we got snow 8 times before Memorial Day.  We've only gotten snow 3 times this year, but it has rained, and thundered much more than this time last year.  The mosquitoes are out there, but not bad yet, and most of the deciduous trees have leafed out.

TLE and I were home by 5:15 pm, and barely got inside before the rainfall   began in earnest once again....thanks for stopping by!

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