Thursday, June 1, 2023


 6:14 am - Thursday - June 1st - LPG&RVR - 43° F, humidity 72%, wind 1 mph out of the northwest......crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 69° F.  On this date in 2020 TLE and I arrived near Driggs, ID at a wonderful boondock site on the Teton River with a view of the Grand Tetons......looking forward to a return engagement some day.....↴

Before I could stage the golf carts I needed to wash the two Club Car electrics (#'s 3 & 4), which were returned after 5 pm Tuesday.  Initially I staged 10 carts (5 Club Car electrics and 5 Yamaha gassers), and later in the morning the final 5 Yamaha gassers.  All 15 were rented over the course of the day, and at 5 pm 3 were still out on the course, so I'll have those to wash first thing Thursday morning.

It has been a while since anyone cleaned the 8 sets of rental golf clubs (6 adult, 2 child with 2 of the 6 adult being of the left handed variety).  Over time the clubs get switched around, and eventually we had one set of adult clubs with 3 drivers, and no fairway woods.  Anyway, after making my first round of the course I pulled them out of their storage closet, and took them to the Cart Return station to sort them out, and then clean them.  Most of the sets are called Strata, which are made by Callaway for just this purpose.  Of course, we do not actually rent them....if someone wants to play golf, but they don't have their clubs with then we loan them a set for free.  I spent about 90 minutes redistributing the clubs between the bags to be sure each set is complete as possible.  I found left handed clubs mixed with right handed clubs, which is not

I finished with that task around 11 am, and put all the clubs away. I'm sure we'll have to do that once, or twice more this summer.  Next up it was time to begin mowing the tee boxes I am responsible for each week, so I pulled out the small Husqvarna and headed off to the 10th tee boxes to mow around them.  Part of this job involves mowing in areas where the larger mowers cannot go, which includes quite a bit of grass between the Clubhouse, and the 10th tee area, plus around the practice putting green at the Clubhouse.  It took me close to an hour to mow all that grass, but I finished just before it was time to give TLE her lunch break.  After her lunch, and then mine it was 2 pm, and time to mow the rest of the tee boxes (#3, 15, 16, 17 & 18).  I left the Clubhouse around 2:10 pm, and returned around 3:40 pm with a lot of grass mowed in between.  

By this time 12 of the 15 carts had been returned, so I began the task of washing them, and putting them away finishing around 4:40 pm, which was the end of my 8 hour shift (I go to work at 7:40 am).  Another busy day in the books!

I practiced my putting while TLE closed the Clubhouse office for another day, and we were home by 5:15 pm.  After another long, hot shower TLE and I were out on the 'Viewing Deck' enjoying a balmy evening.  The day began with heavy cloud cover, but by late afternoon the sun had come out making for a very pleasant early evening.  We tarried there with our adult beverages until after 6:30 pm before heading in for the night.  Sunset is now around 8:37 pm each day, and it will get later, and later until the summer solstice in about a month.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. - We'll be driving back to Redding Thursday afternoon, and be back at LPG&RVR early afternoon Friday.  I'll write about Thursday sometime Friday afternoon.

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