Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The ball washer dilemma......

 8:09 am - Tuesday - June 13th - LPG&RVR - 59° F, humidity 74%, wind 1 mph out of the northwest......cloudy today with a forecast high of 73° F.  On this date in 2017 TLE and I were in Jerome, ID at the local Elks Lodge on our way to Yellowstone....there was a high winds advisory, so we were inside the Newell, out of the wind, and keeping warm.....↴

We still had our portable fireplace then

TLE was like the 'white tornado' Monday morning.  Before I had even made my first cup of coffee she was busy defrosting our Dometic absorption refrigerator.  She had waited too long to defrost the last time, and it took her most of the morning, so she was determined to get to it sooner this time, which paid off in spades for her.....she had the job done in 90 minutes this time.  All the while that was in progress she was running loads of wash through the splendid Splendide combo washer.....like I said.....'white tornado'....lol.

I had less ambitious goals for the day with the dumping of our black tank at the top of the list.  A second task was to, once again, replace the ball washer on our #20 Club Car Villager golf cart, and some time late in the morning we would drive into Alturas for our weekly shopping foray, so I needed....well, I didn't really NEED to wash the car, but wanted to wash all the bugs off the front of the VW acquired on our last trip to Redding.  Lastly, I wanted to ride my Haibike SDURO around the perimeter road of the golf course to get some non golf related exercise.

Shortly after we arrived here at LPG&RVR in April TLE was taking trash to the local dumpster, and she apparently got to close to the dumpster, and caught the original ball washer on it, and broke it.  I attempted to JB Weld it back together, but was never able to get it to completely stop leaking.  I next found another unused, but quite old one in the 'Caddie Shack', and installed it only to find it leaking worse than the old, broken one.....doh!  I attempted to cure those leaks, but once again faced bitter defeat.  The golf cart we use to push the ball machine up and down the driving range has a ball cleaner on it, but it will never be used, so I decided to appropriate it for use on #20.  I was happy to find that when I went to remove it from the ball machine cart it was full of water already, and NOT leaking a bit.  Within 20 minutes I had removed it, and reinstalled it on #20...finally after two months I have a ball washer that does not water the ground wherever it is parked....lol.

We headed into town around 11 am to visit our usual stores (Ace Hardware, Rite Aid, Grocery Outlet, and Holiday Market).  While we were at Holiday Market TLE suggested we get a sandwich from their Deli to take back to that picnic table at the local park we usually eat our Rubio's tacos at....great idea!  I ordered a  single roast beef sandwich on a sourdough roll to split between us, and a couple of drinks..... 

....by the time we got to the park the heavy cloud cover broken up a bit making for a very pleasant lunch.  We were home by 2 pm, at which time I got ready to take my ride around the perimeter of LPG&RVR.....

.....I didn't feel quite as strong as the last time, but I did manage to get around the loop in 24 minutes and 15 seconds.....just a tad slower than my last ride.  The biggest difference this time was I did not get rained upon....lol!  I plugged the Haibike into recharge for only the second time since we arrived....it was down to 55% of battery capacity.

Upon my return I got busy dumping the black tank, which took about 15 minutes....have I said how much I love the wonderful water pressure here?  After that I puttered around in the trailer putting stuff away I had not taken time to do so during the 4 day work week.

Around 5 pm I set up our camp chairs on the 'viewing deck' so we could enjoy the early evening breezes accompanied by music courtesy the 'Classic Vinyl' XM Radio station, and adult beverages....

......yup, we really are that happy!

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