Friday, June 23, 2023

A doozie.....

6:14 am - Friday - June 23rd - LPG&RVR - 43° F, humidity 66%, wind 2 mph out of the southwest.....partly cloudy skies today with a forecast high of 72° F.  On this date in 2020 TLE and I were visiting Devil's Tower.....the view from our campsite.....↴ 

I glanced at the tee time sheet in the Clubhouse office and counted the need for at least 20 golf carts Thursday morning....we ended up renting over 30 for the day....the entire cart shed was empty.  The same thing happened Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  We didn't empty the cart shed until the 4th of July weekend last year so we are definitely getting busy earlier this year than last.  After staging 20 golf carts (all 5 of the Club Car electrics, and all 15 of the Yamaha gassers) I headed out to make my first round of the golf course.  

Only one of the four tee boxes at the 3rd hole had duck/goose leavings, and it wasn't that bad.  I ended up needing to rake just 2 of the 4 sand traps, but I'll need to do some weeding Friday, or Saturday.  I was back at the Clubhouse by 9 am with an hour to kill before I could begin to clear the driving range of balls for its twice weekly mowing.  I still had 4 carts left over from Wednesday to wash, and it was clear I would need to stage more carts as the first 20 were almost gone.  By the time I finished washing the 4 carts, and staged another 10 it was after 10 am, so I headed out to the driving range.

It took me over an hour to clear the balls from the edges of the range, plus balls that had gone into the trees, and brush on both sides.  I ended up with almost 5 gallons of balls....that is a first for a Thursday.  Of course the 55 gallon barrel was empty, so that no surprise, I guess.  Next up I hooked the ball retrieval machine to the front of the #5 Club Car and began roaming up and down the range. I didn't finish until just before 12:30, 2.5 hours to clear the range....that is also a first for a Thursday. All six baskets were completely full of balls, so that was the equivalent of another six 5 gallon buckets of 10.5 five gallon buckets of balls to clean....another first for a Thursday.

After giving TLE her lunch break, and then taking mine I headed back to Clubhouse to find 10 golf carts already returned, and the 10.5 gallons of golf balls to wash.  I only had two hours left in my 8 hour day, and I was pretty sure I was not going to get all of those balls and carts washed.  Getting as many carts washed as possible is the priority, so I began with them.  Every time I'd get 4 washed, another four would arrive.  By 4:40 pm I still had 8 carts left to wash, and I needed to get at least 10 gallons of balls washed to put in the barrel for Friday morning, so I worked another 1/2 hour getting that done before calling it a day, so I worked a 1/2 hour of overtime, and still have 8.5 gallons of balls to wash, and 8 golf carts when I report for work on Friday morning.

TLE did 'land office' business in the Clubhouse office, also, and did not get home until 5:30 pm, while I was in the shower.  We didn't eat until almost 6:30 pm, at which time I took a much needed nap.  Thursday was a doozie of a day, and now we are entering the weekend, which most assuredly will be even busier.  I can see a scenario where we send out well over 30 carts, with some of the Yamaha gassers going out twice.  Time to get ready for Friday's onslaught.

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