Friday, June 2, 2023

In sync......

7:42 pm - Friday - June 2nd - LPG&RVR - 70° F, humidity 38%, wind 5 mph out of the north by northwest.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 71° F (now past).  On this date in 2020 TLE and I were boondocking with two other vintage coaches....a 1984.5 Bluebird Wanderlodge owned by my goof friend Claude Banker, and a 1984 Newell Classic owned by my in-laws....Glenn and Laureen Parker near Driggs, ID.....↴

As out of sync as I was on Monday with the work load, I was completely in sync on Thursday.  Everything just flowed from beginning to end.  As you will recall TLE worked a full day for Office Kathy on Sunday, so now that Kathy was once again in the 'pink' of health, she worked for TLE on Thursday, giving TLE a 5 day weekend.  I've worked with Kathy before, and it is not much different than working with TLE as I do most of the time.

After staging 15 carts for Kathy I headed out to do my usual morning round of the golf course, and found everything to be fact, slightly better than copacetic....for the first time this season, there were no goose/duck droppings on any of the 4 tee boxes for hole #3!  I was back at the Clubhouse a tad after 9 am.  

One of the hose bibbs in the small Pavilion...#37....has been leaking quite badly for a few days, and in order to fix it we have to shut off all water to the upper portion of the RV park, which means we need to notify everyone before we do so.  We don't want to turn off the water when someone is taking a shower, or washing the dishes, etc.  Around 9:30 am Jose joined me at the small Pavilion to turn off the water and replace the hose bibb washer.  Beginning to end it took less than 10 minutes.....must less time than it did to go RV to RV to notify everyone of what was about to happen.

Next I got out one of the Stihl weed whippers to trim the grass around both Pavilions, and several of the full hookup pull through sites, which were vacant for the first time in a week.  Around 10:30 am I headed out to the driving range to clear the balls from the perimeter before running the ball machine up and down the range to pick up the rest.  I finished around 11:30 am, put the balls in buckets to let them soak until after lunch, then took my lunch break at 12 pm....unlike TLE, Kathy takes her lunch from 1 pm to 2 pm.  I only took a half hour lunch (I started my work day at 7:30 am so I could be done by 4 pm as TLE and I were making a return drive to Redding to get the aforementioned emissions work completed for our smog, that was a long parenthetical!).  By the time I was back on the job at 2 pm I had just two hours remaining in my work day, but there was only the 5 Club Car electrics to wash, and not many golf balls.  I finished both tasks by 3:30 pm, and with 30 minutes to go on my work day I jumped on the large Husqvarna mower to mow three more of the full hookup pull through sites.  I finished just before 4 pm, put the Husqvarna away, and headed for home.

By 4:15 pm TLE and I were in the VW Beetle heading for Burney, CA to spend the night before continuing on to Redding Friday morning.  We arrived in Burney without incident at exactly 6:20 pm, checked into our hotel, then drove a block over to the local Subway to get a foot long sandwich for dinner.  While we were inside there was a pretty impressive cloud burst lasting about 20 minutes, followed by a brief hail storm.  We didn't get back into the car until almost 7 pm to drive back to the hotel.

Thank you for your patience!  We just arrived back home from our Redding trip around 6: 20 pm, and after putting our things away, I took a nap, then typed this blog post for your reading pleasure.  Stay tuned for Friday's eventful day!

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