Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Too many balls......

 6:24 am - Wednesday - June 7th - LPG&RVR - 48° F, humidity 92%, wind 0 mph out of the west by northwest.....mostly cloudy today with a forecast high of 77° F.  On this date in 2020 TLE and I were in Island Park, ID staying at Valley View RV was rainy, windy, snowy, and very cold for the first week in June.  Note the low diesel price then......within 5 months there would be an election, and the subsequent gas prices exploded......↴

....what I would give for a diesel price under $3 again....and this was high compared to what we would pay in Wyoming 10 days later, which was closer to $2/gallon.

We were expecting rain all day Tuesday, but it never materialized.  A number of golfers moved up their tee times to avoid the forecast rain, but they needn't have done so as it turned out.   Monday, which was not a work day for me, the driving range was cleared of balls by Walt.  On Sunday they almost ran out of balls so Walt added another 1,000 from our range ball reserve in one of our CONEXs.  When I arrived at work Tuesday morning those golf balls were still soaking.....Monday had been an unusually busy day, and pretty much every golf cart we have was rented....some went out more than once.  The result was there wasn't enough time in the day for Walt to get them washed, dried, and put away.  I estimate that I washed, and dried over 2,500 golf balls, of which I returned almost 1,000 to the reserve in the CONEX.  The task took me most of the morning after I returned from my early round of the course.

Speaking of my early round of the course, there was, once again, virtually no goose/duck leavings on the #3 tee boxes....this is a trend I hope continues.  I haven't seen many geese around lately, so I imagine they have moved further north as is their instinct.

I finally finished washing the balls, and had them drying in the surprisingly sunny conditions around 11:30 am, so I had 30 minutes left before TLE's lunch break....just enough time to run around the exterior road of the golf course to see how play was progressing.  Tuesday was a much less busy day than Monday, and there were only 11 carts out when I made this round of the course.  I was back just before 12 pm....perfect.

The big news of the day on the Golf Channel (it is always on in the Clubhouse) was the shocking merger of the PGA, DP World Tour, and LIV golf into one organization....wth!  After all of the self righteous posturing by the PGA leadership for the past two years about how evil the Saudi money was, they did a 180° switch and took the money.  Suddenly the moral issue was no longer important.  I'll let it go at that, but I think we will be seeing the repercussions from this decision for a long time to come.

By time I returned from my lunch at 2 pm about 9 carts had been returned, so I began to clean them.  I took a break around 3 pm to make another round of the course to see how the afternoon golfers were faring, and the all seemed to be spread out and having a good time, especially since it was not raining as had been forecast.

I put my last cart away around 4:40 pm, which is when I am off on a normal day, and grabbed a bucket of balls to hit while I waited for TLE to close down the office.  I just took my driver, and 5 wood out of the bag to work on them for the 20 minutes I had.  Amazingly I hit around 15 balls with the driver, and everyone went 170-200 yards.....most down the middle with a few to the left, or right of center, but still in the range.  Then I picked the 5 wood that I hit so well the afternoon before, and found the same success, only off the grass, which is always tougher for me.  Out of the 15 balls I hit everyone went at least 120-150 yards.  I haven't hit that well in a long time.  I need to just stick with the clubs I feel comfortable with, and stop obsessing over trying to hit all of them well.  I may never hit a 3 wood off the grass well, so why keep beating myself up over it?  Now I need to work on my short irons, and chipping.

TLE was ready to go home a tad after 5 pm.  We had bought a couple of filet mignons at Holiday Market the day before from their discount bin.....instead of paying $32, we only paid $16, because the meat was a little older and darker.  I always like the darker meat as it means it has aged, and is getting more tender.  Anyway, I turned on the Sea-B-Que right after I got out of the shower, and by 6 pm we had two of the best filets we've had in a while.  Love that aged meat!

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