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6:56 am - Monday - June 26th - LPG&RVR - 46° F, 83% humidity, wind 0 mph out of the west by northwest.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 72° F.  On this date in 2017 TLE and I were at Yellowstone National Park where we took a hike, had Elk sliders at the Roosevelt Lodge, saw a petrified tree, saw the Yellowstone and Gardiner Rivers, and saw a glacial boulder left over from the ice age.......↴ 

Gardiner River

Petrified tree

Glacial boulder


Yellowstone River

.....other than that it was kind of a slow!

Our 4 day work weeks seem to go by quickly.   I mean it seems we have just finished day one, and suddenly it's 5 pm on the fourth day.  I never find myself thinking "I wish it was Friday" like I did in my former workaday life.  Our jobs here at LPG&RVR are interesting, and varied.  We both get to talk with interesting people all day long while doing our jobs.  TLE and I have a good working relationship, and while her job rarely crosses over to mine, I do sit in for her for one hour each day in the office while she takes her lunch.  I've become pretty adept at working the credit card scanner, and cash register, and rarely make mistakes anymore.  The customers know me now, and accept my limitations, and by that I mean they know I don't take reservations, cancel reservations, or apply money to RV site balances.  I can check to verify they have a reservation, and check them into the park, but that is where my expertise ends on the campground management software.

What I do each day outside is up to me except for Mondays and Thursdays when I must have the driving range cleared of balls before noon time, but otherwise I choose what I will do each day.  Walt, my counterpart, and I talk with each other before we begin our respective 4 day work weeks so I know what he has done, and he knows what I have done.  Walt does more mowing within the confines of the RV park, but I do all of the golf course mowing (tee boxes, and other large areas of grass the big mowers cannot reach), so it balances out.  I like doing the mowing I do, because I don't have to empty the bags in the grass catcher any more than I have to.  The biggest plus for me is I love being outside, and that is where I am all day except for the hour I'm giving TLE her lunch break.

All that being said, Sunday was more of a laid back day for mowing of any kind.  I spent more time wearing my 'Course Marshal' hat than anything else.  As I make my multiple rounds of the course I stop and talk with customers, many of whom I now know by name....

Left to right: Terri, Mike and Greg putting on hole #5 (par 3).  Greg and Terri have been members here for 10 years, and drive up from Reno every Friday to stay in their onsite 5th wheel, and play a lot of  golf.  Mike and his wife Debbie have a park model in the permanent resident section, but spend the winter in their 5th wheel down in Parker, AZ....they are just a few of the people we have become close with....there is also DeWayne, Mike and Lynn, Fritz and Joan, Dennis and Kelli, John and Wendy, Rich and Patrice, Gene and Becky, Bernard and Julia, Duke and Cindy, Rich and Kathie, Walt and Theresa, and Miracle wonderful 'small town' community....just the kind of community for which we have been searching.

.....a number of our regular customers have either RV's, actual houses, or Park Models up in the permanent resident section.  They pay $250 per month year round (plus electric) for the right to have a permanent site, and another $850/year (per couple) to be members.  If you work here, you have the same privileges as a member.  A member can play as many rounds of golf per day as they wish, and have the right to use one of our golf carts, however, most of them have their own golf carts.  Many of them drive in from Reno, Redding,  Susanville,  Klamath Falls (Oregon), or Lakeview (Oregon) to spend the weekend each week.  It is a nice little community, and they have accepted TLE and I as part of their community.  We've actually gotten our names on the waiting list for one of the future permanent sites, which were recently staked out, so hopefully in the next year, or so we'll get one, too.

We rented out 19 golf carts Sunday, and I had them all washed and put away by 5 pm.  The cart path beginning at employee site 51, which leads to holes 9 and 18 needed to be dragged again, so I took care of that just before I gave TLE her lunch break.

As I sit here at my laptop composing today's missive I feel blessed to have found this place.....we both do.  We've been asked too many times to count what our future plans are as we age, and for years we didn't know, but this year when we arrived back at LPG&RVR I told TLE it felt like we were finally home, and she agreed.  There have been many places we have visited over the years that we have liked, and have returned to often, but none of them has felt like home until we arrived here last year.  When we asked Dennis to put our names on the waiting list he replied "You've both got jobs here for as long as you want", which felt good to hear, and only served to confirm what we've both been feeling for a while now.  To be clear, we would not be spending the winter  One winter at the Grand Canyon cured me of living with snow on the ground, and temps in the single digits...we'll still head south each winter.

Thanks for stopping by!

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