Monday, June 12, 2023

Two in a row.....

7:43 am - Monday - June 12th - LPG&RVR - 56° F, humidity 85%, wind 3 mph out of the northwest......cloudy today with a forecast high of 73° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were riding the Lacrosse River Trail (Rails to Trails) toward Sparta, WI....↴ 

After my fun day of golfing Saturday, and mostly positive results, I was determined to get out and play again Sunday.  TLE and I drove our golf cart over to the Clubhouse around 11 am, and while I slipped into my FootJoy golf shoes TLE went inside to get a 'Tee time' for me.  It wasn't that crowded on the course as all the weekenders had returned to their workaday lives earlier in the morning, so we were able to get out pretty quickly.  I decided to play the back 9....

Getting better at turning my left knee inward in the back swing

A big improvement on my back swing rotation....getting the clubhead over my head now

This was a practice swing, but you can see I'm keeping my head down through the swing

.....TLE took some pictures of me swinging the driver on the 10th tee.  It's the first time since last season I've had a chance to see my swing, and I am pleased that I am getting better rotation on my back swing, and keeping my head down through the swing.

I managed to hit a good drive on #10, and a good 5 wood pin high to the left of the green.  I made a good chip to within 6 feet of the hole, but missed my par putt.  I ended up parring the 3 par 11th hole, but messed up the 12th hole with a bad second and third shot.  Overall I was very happy with my chipping game....over the 9 holes I made just one bad chip....all the others landed on the green within makeable putting distances.  I was also more consistent with my mid range, and short irons, as well as my fairway woods.  The best news of all is my lower back is not bothering me at all after two consecutive days of golf, and that is a first for me.  I'm hoping this is a sign of good things to come, because the more I can play the more consistent I will get.  Last season I think there was only one four day weekend when I played golf twice, and the two rounds were 2 days apart.  If I can play two to three times each 4 day weekend I know I can make some improvements to my game, and that makes me happy.

Upon our return to the Clubhouse TLE and I ordered two of the Specials of the day.....Steak salad, which we chased with Lost Coast Tangerine Ale, and they were both wonderful.....

.....we took our time eating our late lunch, and enjoying the view of the golf course.  The best thing of all is we still have two more days left on our four day weekend, and I'm hoping there will be more golf played!

We had only been home for about 45 minutes when the rain began to fall once again, accompanied by lightning and thunder, a couple of which were pretty close, and pretty deafening....I'm glad we weren't out on the course then.  I rained hard at times, and the cloud cover got so thick we lost satellite reception a couple of times.  What were we watching?  Well the annual Canadian Open held near Toronto, Canada was on, and at the end of regulation two players were tied at 17 under par.  They ended up playing 4 extra holes to determine the winner.  For the first time in 69 years a Canadian citizen won the Canadian Open....Nick Taylor.  It was raining on and off there, so we felt like we were right

For the first time in a month we had to start the big 6v92-TA Detroit Diesel to air up the system as the PSI was down to 80, and the coach was sitting down a little in the rear.  In spite of the cool weather she fired right up on the first crank, and within a couple of minutes we were back to 120 PSI at which time we raised the rear, and lowered the front to get her perfectly level front to back once again.  Our side to side was perfectly level for the last month, so we didn't have to make any adjustments there.

Life at LPG&RVR continues to be great.  We have no complaints, and are continually thankful we found this wonderful place to spend each summer.  We are both in good health, and feeling great.  I've stopped taking my blood pressure every day like I've done since I had my stroke back in December of 2017.  I take it 2, or 3 times a week, and it continues to be well under control....just this morning it read 121 over 68....pretty good for a 'cranky',  almost 74 year old!

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