Saturday, June 17, 2023

They're back.....

6:17 am - Saturday - June 17th - LPG&RVR - 49° F, humidity 69%, wind 1 mph out of the south......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 79° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were riding our Cannondale Tandem around Sioux Falls, SD on their loop trial......the falls....↴ 

Friday promised to be busier than the past two days, which is logical since there are more people in the fact, every site was taken at the end of Friday....first time this season.  I initially staged 10 carts, but eventually we had 18 carts rented, and only 12 of them had been returned by 5 pm, so I will have a few to wash first thing Saturday.  

After staging the initial 10 carts I made a leisurely round of the course finding NO goose/duck leavings on the #3 tee boxes once again.  All of the sand traps were intact, meaning no one had hit a ball into any of the four traps.  They all look great with no weeds visible.  I was the recipient of a few mosquito bites, so I'm sure Jose will be spraying Friday night/Saturday morning....when depends on the cannot be over 5 mph, or the spray just dissipates, and does no good in the end, and we do not want that

View of the mountains from the third hole

When I returned to the Clubhouse I finished washing and drying the range balls left over from that water was still cold at 9 am!  After putting the wet balls into the baskets to air dry I grabbed a Stihl string trimmer and headed out to trim the areas I had mowed the day before, plus trim around the employee grass sites in preparation for their weekly mowing. Amazingly, I got all the trimming done, and the employee sites mowed before 12 pm, just in time to give TLE her lunch break.

Having got all that trimming and mowing done before noon meant I would have a leisurely afternoon (2 pm to 4:40 pm) giving me a chance to make a couple of rounds of the course to marshal.  I found no issues on either pass, and sat for a while near the 15th hole enjoying the 360° view.

After the second round I began to wash, and put away the returned carts, before closing up the 'Caddy Shack', and locking the fuel station for the day.  I putted on the practice green for about 15 minutes before heading down to the entrance to flip the sign once again.  TLE and I were home by 5:15 pm, and after taking a shower we watched the end of round #2 for the U.S. Open.  Ricky Fowler added a two under par round Friday finishing at 10 under par, and one stroke ahead of the second place player.  The 3rd and 4th rounds this weekend should be a lot of fun!

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