Thursday, June 8, 2023

Two halves make a whole.....

6:18 am - June 8th - Thursday - LPG&RVR - 47° F, humidity 85%, wind 0 mph out of the west by northwest......cloudy today with the forecast showing rain later today, and a high of 73° F.  On this date in 2021 TLE and I were enjoying a spectacular sunset on the Oregon Coast.....↴

Before I get into today's post about yesterday I need to memorialize an important milestone for this blog.  Sometime during the evening yesterday we passed 2 millions page views.....

.....a big shout out and thanks to all of you who have been loyal followers these past 12 years!  These kind of numbers are tiny in comparison to some bloggers who have that many views a day, but for me it is pretty cool that so many have clicked on my blog that many times....WOW!

We're in a stretch here at LPG&RVR of rain in the forecast everyday for days on end.  It didn't seem that we were going to get any rain Wednesday, but suddenly around 2:30 pm the skies opened and it rained quite hard for about 40 minutes, which kind of put a dent in my plans to mow ALL the tee boxes for which I am responsible in one pass, but I get ahead of myself.....

The rain came down so hard I could not carry on a conversation out on alfresco dining area of the Clubhouse

.....we've been expecting the delivery of a new manufactured home for Office Kathy and her husband Richard.  It was ordered about this time last year, and was finished in December (up in Oregon), but could not be delivered as the new permanent sites were not completed yet.  Kathy and Richard have lived here at LPG&RVR fulltime in their motorhome in one of the older permanent sites for a number of years.  They sold their home in Reno a number of years ago, and have wanted to get back into a home for a while now.  Well, around 12:30 pm the semis hauling the two halves of the double wide manufactured home arrived....

The two halves moving up Hamel Way

.....within an hour (just in time to beat the rain showers) both halves had been placed on Kathy and Richard's new site overlooking the golf course, and sometime next week a crew will arrive to put the halves together to make a whole home.....

.....I made my normal morning rounds of the golf course, and found all to be in order.  There was a little duck/goose activity on the #3 tee boxes, but I took care of that in a few minutes.  None of the sand traps needed mowing, but they will need weeding again.  I'll get to that on Thursday, or Friday.

I had a lot of mowing to get done Wednesday, so upon return to the Clubhouse I got on the small Husqvarna and headed out to the back of hole #11 to mow another area DeWayne cannot get to with the large 2nd cut mower he uses.  From there I worked my way back to the #10 tee boxes, then mowed the large grass area which parallels the cart path taking golfers to either the #1, or #10 tee boxes.  

Once that was done I exchanged the small Husqvarna for the large one, and began by mowing the large grass area in the parking lot, then the grass around the small Pavilion, and finished the morning by mowing all 5 water/electric sites (31-35) before it was time to give TLE her lunch break. As I noted earlier we had the 40 minute rain event just as I returned from lunch, which essentially squashed my plans to mow the rest of the tee boxes before the end of the day.  I was able to, following the storm, get out and mow all the grass around the #3 tee boxes, and the grass around the back of hole #12 (another area DeWayne has a hard time mowing with the large mower).  By the time I finished with #12 it was time to head back to the Clubhouse to wash, and put away the 16 golf carts we had rented that day.  I'll have to get to the tee boxes at 15, 16, 17 and 18 on Thursday.  I managed to finish with the carts right at 4:40 pm, my quitting time.

I had planned on hitting some balls on the driving range, but decided to practice putting instead while I waited for TLE to close the office.  She was finished with that task a few minutes after 5 pm, and we were home by 5:15 pm.  The wind had come up, and it was out of the west, which is not a good wind direction for our patio awning.  Finally, around 6 pm TLE and I had to go outside and stow the patio awning for the first time in almost 6 weeks.  Of course, within 25 minutes of stowing the patio awning the wind abated, and calm returned to the park.....of course!

Thanks for stopping by!

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