Thursday, May 25, 2023


 6:49 am - Thursday- May 25th- Redding - 51° F, 47% humidity,  wind 10 mph out of the south by southeast......crystal clear,  blue,  sunny skies today with  forecast high of 89° F. On this day in 2020 TLE and I arrived in Meeker, CO to snag a spot in the city park right on the aggie White River......

Wednesday was the final day of our 4 day work week,  and it was a busy one for me.  Before heading out to make my first rounds of the golf course I staged 15 golf carts,  of which 10 were rented.  

The duck/goose leavings were less than I expected,  and I only had to weed,  and rake the 18th sand trap.  From there the day got quite busy. 

When I mowed all that grass the other day I left the weed/grass whipping for Wednesday, so I grabbed our Stihl weed whipper and headed to the parking lot grass. Over the next 2+ hours I worked over all the grass areas,  then headed down to the creek in the middle of the driving range to cut the long grass down on each side of the fence.  I was about 2/3's done when I ran out of gas,  and happily,  it was time to give TLE her lunch break. 

After lunch I washed the 6 golf carts which had been returned,  and then hopped on the SLOW John Deere riding lawn mower to mow 7 of the 10 tent sites,  which had not yet been mowed this season.  What a dusty,  dirty task that was!

I started my day at 7:30 am, and took just a 30 minute lunch so I could be off by 4 pm to take a shower,  and take a nap before beginning our 100+ mile drive to Burney, on our way to Redding. I retrieved TLE from the Clubhouse around 5:05 pm, and by 5:15 pm we were on our way to the Shasta Pines Motel in Burney. After an uneventful,  but beautiful drive we arrived in Burney, CA at exactly 7:15 pm... perfect!

Mt.Shasta in the distance

We watched the two hour finale of Survivor season 44, and were in bed by 10 pm.

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