Sunday, August 30, 2015


I almost chuckle when I see the weather forecast reporting there is 100% chance of rain at a specific time, or over a period of's almost like the proverbial "broken clock" with weather forecasting.......the odds are they will be right twice a day.  The forecast for our stay in McCloud was that there would be 100% chance of rain several hours during the night, but what we got was a light 10 minute sprinkle once, and nothing else.  We were up a little after 7 am and had planned to wait until later in the morning, after the forecast rain passed, to leave as our plan called for barely a 120 mile day up to Grants Pass, OR, but then about 0830 the power went out, and never came back, so finally around 0930 we unhooked our electrical (what's the point, right?), turned over the big DD 6V92 and headed back to HWY 89 and northward.  Within 3 minutes of entering the highway it began to rain.....of course!

In McCloud we were less than 8 miles from I-5, so just about the time we hit the Interstate the rain ceased, and then the sun made an appearance.  As we merged into the light traffic I set the cruise control at 60 mph and then realized we were headed directly at Mt. Shasta for a few miles.

Our destination for the day was the Walmart at Grants Pass, OR, and we arrived there just before 1200 hours to find signs prohibiting overnight parking of RV's.  Well, we needed to do final shopping before we head to the coast, so we did.  We had noticed as we were turnign left onto the street where Walmart is located that the local ARCO was selling propane for, get this.....$1.65/gallon!  Wow!  We have never paid under $2.00 in the past 7+years we have owned the Newell, and our tank was about 3/4's empty after almost four months at TVC.  Being the opportunists we are we decided we would walk over to the station to scope out the ingress and egress options and decided we could get in and out with no problem.  

Something to remember here is when you are 62' long you always check out the ingress and egress options of fuel stations, RV parks, grocery stores, etc. before you enter them.....if you don't you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation.  I was amazed this summer at how often people would drive blindly to their sites at TVC without checking them out first (even though we often suggested just that) to be sure they could get around trees that line the roads, and then get into their site.  If they had they would have saved themselves some grief.  It only takes a few minutes and eliminates any surprises.  Ever since we found ourselves in just such a situation back on 2010 in a gas station in Flagstaff, AZ we always find a place to park comfortably, then walk over to the fuel station to check it out....we figure out which pump we can easily get to, and then how we will exit.  Since that time we have never been stuck again.

Since we couldn't stay at the Walmart we checked on Passport America RV parks up the road, and found one right near the exit we would be taking from I-5 to cross over to the coast called "On The River" Golf RV and Resort (located on the shores of the Umpqua River) were the Passport America price was $16.50 for the night.  We called ahead to be sure they had a site for us, and they did......their pull through sites are 70 feel long, and they had just one left......SCORE!  We arrived at the RV park at just 1500 hours, and were in our site by 1515 hours relaxing, and watching NFL pre-season football.....suweeeet!

I lost track of the number of 3-5 mile climbs we made on Saturday, but the DD 6V92 ran like a champion up the multiple grades getting over 200 degrees a couple of times, and 'jaked' down the declines......some as long as 8 miles at 6%.......purring like a kitten.  I checked the lugs on the trailer wheels one more time at a rest stop just over the Oregon border and all was good.  I forgot to mention that when we arrived in McCloud Friday afternoon, having descended some 3,000' in elevation from South Lake Tahoe, the tires had lost some air pressure, which is to be expected.  I checked them and then added air to get them up to the required 50 psi. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, and me watching football into the all we traveled 180 miles Saturday, leaving just a scant 100 miles to go to Cape Blanco and one month at sea level.

To be fair to all the weather guessers out there rain was forecast during the night here in Dillard, OR and it did rain, and, in fact, is still raining as I write this morning......maybe we'll just stay put here in Dillard until the rain stops.....we don't have to drive in the rain if we don't want to, right?

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