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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

TVC - Day 107 - T minus 3

Monday, Monday.......when I arrived in the office TLE presented me with my three lists......'Who's In The Park', 'Arrivals', and 'Departures'......very grim numbers indeed.....129 sites occupied, 19 arrivals, and 59 departures.  This is exactly what happened at this time last year......the 3rd week of August is pretty slow here at TVC......it reminds me of May.  By Wednesday, our last day, we'll be closer to 100 sites occupied.

I was finished with my first round of site checks by 0930 and spent some more time 'deep cleaning' some tent sites in section 'A'.....as I was finishing up I saw the UPS truck arrive.....I was pretty sure he had something for me, and he did......four Michelin light truck tires ordered just one week ago from Amazon Prime.......$117 plus tax per tire....free shipping!  I was able to talk the driver into following me over to our site where he unloaded the tires!  

Four LT 235/75/R 15 Michelin Tires for the trailer

About 1238 hours I clocked out for a long lunch which did include lunch, then I set about removing all four wheels from the trailer in preparation for taking them and the new tires over to Ken's Tire Service (same place I had the new tires put on the VW last summer).  After jacking up the trailer with my 20 ton bottle jack, and removing the wheels from each side of the trailer I used the large wooden blocks I use to 'block' the coach when I am under it to rest the trailer on while it is without wheels.

Once I had all four wheels off I chose the best of the four 'old' tires to become the new spare.....the original spare is in pretty bad shape......then borrowed the manager's Ford PU to haul everything over to Ken's.  I'll run back over to Ken's Tuesday and pick up the new shoes for the trailer, repack the wheel bearings, check the brakes, and put everything back together.  If all goes as planned I shouldn't have to worry about these tires for 6 years.

I ended up only working 5 hours Monday, and TLE was home before 1430 hours....a very, very slow day, which is perfect considering how much remains to be done before we haul anchor Friday morning.

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