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Saturday, August 29, 2015

T minus zero!

For the first time in 111 days I am writing a post that does not begin with TVC.....  

And we're off!!!  I was up by 0515 hours, and TLE followed shortly thereafter......I had switched on the block heater about 2 hours before in preparation for our 0630 lift off.  In reality we were rolling the wheels by 0615 and turning on to HWY 50 towards Stateline by 0630.  As we traversed HWY 50 across the southern end of Lake Tahoe through uncrowded streets I once again turned to TLE, as I always do, and said "It's good to be moving again!" to which she replied "Yeah...".  We crested Spooner Summit around 0700 in 2nd gear at which time I returned the throttle to 'zero' and began 'jaking' at 32 mph down the hill to Carson City.

We arrived at Eagle Gas around 0730 to fill our diesel tank.....we took on almost 113 gallons at $2.39/gallon for a total of $270.90....you may recall we took on diesel at Eagle Gas back on December 19th as we headed south after 2 months at Amazon.com.....back then the price was higher at $2.79, but was the least we had paid at the time for 3 years.  Last September when we fueled up after TVC we paid $3.66/gallon and were happy to pay that....we saved just over $143 due to the continued low price of diesel.

Eagle Gas aka: Gas and Save

We were back on the road about 0755 headed northward on HWY 395 towards Susanville, CA, our second stop of the day.....we had planned to stop at the Starbucks there for breakfast.  We arrived in Susanville just after 1015 hours, and spent about 40 minutes eating a breakfast sandwhich (sausage and eggs for moi) and drinking a grande coffee of the day (room for cream, please).  On the north end of Susanville we switched to SR 39, which eventually took us to SR 44, and then to HWY 89 where we caught this view of Mt. Shasta.....

Our destination for the day was McCloud, CA......at the 268 mile of our day....a longish day for us, but the perfect stopping place.  As we pulled into McCloud RV Resort at 1330 hours we spied this small craft beer place called Siskiyou Brew Works right at the entrance....how handy!  Yelp gives them 4.5 stars on 16 reviews.

As usual we did not make reservations, and were able to snag one of two remaining sites that would fit our 62' length (these sites are about 80 foot back ins).  After I hooked up our electricity we both sat down to rest......for the first time in 3.5 months we are alone again with no obligations for a few days.  The temps upon arrival were in the high 80's, but they cooled down quickly.

Around 1800 hours we decided to walk over to the 'brew works' to try a 'flight' of their offerings.  They had 5 brews on taps, but the only one I was really drawn to the was English style Porter......the other four were lack luster, in my opinion.

They also serve pizza, which I understand is quite good, but we still had pizza left over from Blue Dog Pizza, and decided to just eat in.....I got a kick out of the following sign, and thought I would share it with you.

The 'flight'

We were in bed by 2200 expecting rain during the night, but all we got was wind, and a few sprinkles.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. We enjoyed a flight there, along with the pizza which was slow and just so-so. Since I enjoy the light beers and Marcia the dark beers, the flight was just fine with us. We really like that park at McCloud....nice folks, nice little town.