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Friday, August 28, 2015

TVC - Day 110 - T minus 1 and still holding

Thursday should have been 'T minus 1', but I didn't feel like going back and renaming the prior 4 posts, so I just decided to hold the count.  I was up around 0700 hours knowing full well I had a full day of packing up our site......by 0800 I was outside beginning the process.  I just took my time and worked steadily all day long with a few breaks here and there, of course.  By 1500 hours we were 90% done, so I took another break, and a long shower, then we headed off to do some errands.....first up was take the car through the Raley's carwash......it hasn't seen the inside of a car wash since early May when we were in Riverside, CA.  Then it was off to the bank to draw out some cash to pay for diesel Friday as it usually saves us 5 to 6 cents a gallon.  Then it was over to Blue Dog Pizza where we used two coupons we had saved for two free LARGE pizzas......we ate one there, and brought the other home for dinner Friday night.  They had Icky IPA on tap there so we added a couple of those to go along with the one pizza we ate.

Blue Dog Pizza.....not a great 'usie', but it will do

We stopped off on the way home to visit my good friend Harry, then at the office to say our 'until next times' to Duane, our manager, and were home by 1800.  Within a few minutes I was dumping the tanks one more time, putting away sewer hoses and water hoses, and then backing up the coach to drop the trailer on the hitch one more time.  After hooking up I pulled the coach and trailer forward so TLE could put the car in the trailer via site 359 behind us.  By this time it was getting quite dark so I turned on the running lights to be sure they all worked, and they did......you never know after almost 4 months of sitting in one place.

We were done loading the car, and the firewood we are taking with us by 2100 hours and I was beat......that was one long day, and I was reminded why I hate packing up.  I was in bed by 2130, and TLE followed shortly thereafter......Friday is zero day, and lift off!  YAY!!!

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