Monday, August 3, 2015

TVC - Day 85 - The Outline

I knew it was coming, but it's been so long I began to think I was immune to it.....writer's block.  I've been sitting here at my laptop for 25 minutes and have only managed to type the obvious....."TVC - Day 85".  It's not that I don't recall what happened Sunday....I recall it's just that nothing seems to jump out at me as being different, unique, or interesting. Nevertheless here we go.......

Maybe if I put the day in outline order something will jump out.....let's see....

I - Work - Clocked in at 0800 hours precisely.....I was a little behind as my left should has been hurting me.....not sure what I did to it, but it hurts like the dickens.  It was getting much better last Friday when we went for our bike ride, and by the time evening came around it was hurting worse than ever (last Friday).  Maybe I shouldn't have taken the bike ride, hmmmm?  The riding itself did not hurt, but putting the bikes on and off the bike rack a few times (lifting) did not help, I'm sure, so  I'm going to give up lifting, sweeping, washing windows, and anything else that requires extensive use of my left shoulder for a few days.  

II - Site checks first round - Site checks went smoothly the first time around the park.....oh wait!  I forgot that I found my aluminum clipboard that went missing way back in June.  I've had that clipboard for about 12 years, and was really bummed when it disappeared into thin air.  TLE found it and wrote my name on in in indelible magic marker.  When I was a soccer referee I used that clipboard to hold the rosters and match reports for the teams I was officiating, so it has a lot of good memories for me.

III - Who's in and out - The departure list showed 110 sites being vacated Sunday, and only  70+ arrivals so our campground population continued to dwindle, but come Monday it will begin to swell once again with  the arrival of our Seventh Day Adventist church group for their week long tent meeting.

IV - The Departed - All of my departures were gone by 1200 hours, and then it was just a matter of managing the arrivals so the office did not get swamped.  While I was sitting out near the entrance in the golf cart around 1430 hours the forecast thunder showers arrived, and for about 30 minutes the rain was quite intense, and even included a couple minutes of hail for good measure.

V - Clocking out - With Vic and Deb manning the computers along with TLE  Sunday afternoon we were both able to get off work about 1515 hours and head for the barn.  It was still in the mid 80's when we arrived home about 1530, but with the windows open we were never close to turning on the A/C.

VI - Napping - I took my obligatory hour nap after arriving of the best parts about being retired.  TLE prepared spaghetti for dinner while we watched 'Last Ship' and 'Falling Skies'......we were in bed before 2200 hours dreaming sweet dreams.

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  1. I've been reading your blog for over a year now and have not commented before. It occurred to me a few weeks ago: How nice it would be to have TLE's take on the day's events. Life from another perspective. Now, with the dreaded writer's block taken hold of the principle author, now might just be that time for a guest blogger. Just seems to me TLE's participation could be the answer. I'm sure she is a wonderful writer.