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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

TVC - Day 108 - T minus 2

Okay now, the emptiness of TVC is starting to get a little creepy......it's like driving through a 'still life' painting these past few days......everything seems frozen.....like someone pushed the 'pause' button on the remote control.....not that there's anything wrong with that.  It's just that after 8 weeks of 80%+ occupancy which brings about that hustle and bustle feeling of the campground it's a little difficult re-acclimating to the peace and quiet we have been experiencing these past few days.

Once again site checks took no time at all, and I spent the better part of the morning doing some more deep cleaning of the tent site areas near our coach, as well as picking up around the dumpsters where the bears had been active the previous night......and speaking of bears we had our own bear incident last night........

 Bear activity

.......the bear, or bears, came through our site for the first time last night and pulled everything out of our outdoor trashcan.

Around 1030 hours I got the call from Ken's Tire Center that my trailer tires had been mounted and were ready for pickup so around 1130 I borrowed Duane's truck again and went over to pick them up.

I spent part of the afternoon repairing a 20 foot section of fence behind site 470 along Melba Drive which had apparently been hit by a motor vehicle the night before......whoever caused the damage left the scene without reporting the accident....parts of the vehicle were on the ground along with 20' of fencing.  It took me about 90 minutes to fix it, but it is back in place.....a little the worse for wear.

I clocked out with TLE at 1500 hours and we headed for the barn one more time......Wednesday will be our final day of work this season at TVC.

After changing clothes I headed outside to remount the new tires on the trailer, which involved greasing the wheel bearings, and torquing down each lug nut using my torque wrench set at 90 foot pounds.  I'll stop a couple of times on Friday as we work our way northward on HWY 395 to check them all again, but for now our baby has new shoes and we are ready to roll.....we now have relatively new rubber  all the way around.....our steer tires on the coach are 18 months old, the drive tires are 8 months old, and now the trailer tires are brand new!

Since we won't be here for the annual end of season banquet held after Labor Day, one of the staff ladies, Sandy, had a get together for us to say our 'until next times'......

.....we really do work with a great bunch of people, and they are the primary reason we will return for one more year next summer!

Thanks for stopping by!

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