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Saturday, February 6, 2016

A nice 5th Saturday.......

Friday had a little bit of everything......first off TLE and I drove over to the house we still own in Ontario to take stock of a few things which need to be repaired before the new tenants occupy it.  Most of the things are minor, but there are a couple of bigger projects which will take me a few days to bring back up to snuff.  While intellectually I know it is still our house, it is no longer our home and hasn't been for over 5 years now.  I have this sort of detached view of the house.....when I stand out on the street looking at the house it looks much the same as it did when we moved out back in late January of 2011.....I have many fond memories of the 25 years we called this address our home.  We raised our 5 children there.....they made life long friends in that neighborhood......and it is there our dream to fulltime was born.  It is the only 'thing' I still own that does not fit inside our Newell, or trailer.....and it is no longer our home.

From there TLE and Meredith drove up to Sharon and Rod's apartment to help with the new baby, and I headed back home to put in some exercise time.  It was a perfect day for a long bike ride.....25 miles to be precise.  I left the coach around 1130 to begin my ride up to the SART* which would take me all the way to San Bernardino, some 12.5 miles northeast of Riverside.  TLE and I used to do this ride often back in 2013 on our Cannondale tandem.....there is a Subway at the turn around point where we often had lunch before the return ride.  The outside temperature was a little chilly, but I chose to wear only a t-shirt and riding shorts knowing I would warm up within a couple of miles.....and that is always the difficulty.....trying not to overdress....nothing more uncomfortable for me than to be too warm.....I would rather add a layer than have to take one off.....that's just me.  It took me just over 1 hour to cover the 12.5 miles to the Subway as there was a slight headwind all the way north.  Of course, when you do an 'out and back' ride and you ride into the wind going 'out' you get a tailwind on the way 'back'.  While I averaged just over 10 mph on the first leg of the ride I averaged close to 18 mph on the way back.....suweet!

On my way back I stopped off at the USPS to pick up a padded envelope so I could ship a mountain bike disc brake rotor I sold on eBay, and was home a little after 1400 where I finished my exercise with some situps, pushups, etc. before packing up the disc brake rotor, printing a shipping label, and heading back out in the VW to drop it off at the USPS, and then over to Lowe's to pick up some home repair supplies.  Upon my return I decided to deploy the patio awning as we are getting a lot of late afternoon sun on the passenger side of the coach.

TLE was home just after 1700 hours from spending the day with Brayden James and giving his parents some time for long naps.....oh yeah......I remember those days well.....:-)

It was a nice 5th Saturday.....thanks for stopping by!

* - Santa Ana River Trail


  1. Wow you back in Ontario that quick.
    We sold our house there 10 years ago, no more issues with that part.
    Good luck.