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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"On a clear day......"

 For the next 8 days the temperatures will be in the mid to high 80's here in Riverside due to a high pressure ridge that is settling over SoCal.  One of the pleasant side effects of a high pressure ridge are days so clear it seems you can see forever......especially from the top of Mt. Rubidoux, and that is where I headed for my daily bike ride on Tuesday......

......in all I covered just over 11 miles on my ride, and along my route back home was a Starbucks so I decided on the spur of the moment to stop off for a salad, and a grande coffee before continuing home where I went on to do my exercises (pushups, situps, stretching, etc.). Is that all I did Tuesday?  Of course not, but it seemed like the thing to lead with today.

Before the preceding happened TLE headed over to Sharon's apartment to take her and Brayden to a pediatrician appointment, and then take care of the baby while she took a nap.  While TLE was gone I first spent time in the trailer making decisions about things which need to go to new homes, or be discarded, as well as finding places to store a few tools I brought home from our house.  That process will be ongoing for the next few weeks, but it is time now after 4 years to re-evaluate each thing we carry with us, and whether it continues to be necessary enough to our nomadic lifestyle to occupy limited, valuable storage space.

All this time I had the trailer TV on ESPN watching/listening to one Super Bowl 50 post mortem show after another all day long, and then around 1800 tuned into the NFL channel (DirecTV channel 212) to watch a replay of the actual game......the replay version cuts out all the wasted time in between plays,  and makes it possible to watch the entire game in less than 2 hours.....pretty cool.

All in all it was a laid back day......my kind of day.....thanks for stopping by!

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