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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

For Sale......

I tell people all the time that there are Newell Classics out there like mine at pretty good prices right now.  On our 'users group' website (www.newellgurus.com) we have a section (Coaches for Sale) where Newells for sale of all vintages are listed.  Following are just three recent examples of Newell Classics for sale around the country at very affordable prices......

1986 Newell - wide body - $23,900 (Kerrville, TX)

1984 Newell Classic - $35,000 - Elkton, Delaware

1984 Newell Classic  - $22,000 - Morristown, TN

......of course, it goes without saying that if you are interested in any diesel pusher, Newell, or otherwise, you should have samples of their fluids taken from the crankcase (oil), transmission, and radiator and sent to a lab for testing to verify the condition of these very expensive components before committing to buy.  You would need to have someone qualified do a survey of the coach in which you are interested to be sure all the other systems are in good working order.  Tires almost always have 'aged out' and will probably need to be replaced right off the bat and that could run you $3-4,000 easily for 6 tires.  A good price is only a good price if the coach is sound to begin with......you don't want to spend $24,000 to buy a coach, and then a few months later close to $30,000 replacing, or rebuilding the engine, or $10,000 replacing, or rebuilding the transmission.

Obviously these three Newell Classic examples are 30-32 years old, and not all diesel pushers of this vintage will still be in as good as condition as they are, but that is the magic that Newell is.  These vintage Newells have no slideouts, and many of the bells and whistles available on late model coaches are not to be found.  Compared to late model coaches these vintage Newells are remarkably low tech, which is why I love my 1982 Newell.....I can work on everything myself.  If being able to work on your coach is a high priority, and you have a limited budget, then a vintage Newell may be for you.

On another front, the 'trailer purge' continued with gusto.......I set up a table outside the trailer and began to fill it with stuff out of the trailer that was not being used.....what you see below is not all of it, but you get the idea.

When I was at our property in Ontario the other day I noticed my son Tim's mountain bike (Giant full suspension) was sitting on the floor of the garage with the front wheel removed, both tires flat, and the disc brakes not functioning.  I had purchased this bike at Mammoth Mountain at the end of their rental season, and then modified it for my son adding a better suspension fork, disc brakes, etc.  At any rate I called Tim and asked him what was wrong with the bike and he listed off several things that needed attention, so I took it home with me to begin to fix.  It was obvious the hydraulic disc brakes needed to be bled and have new brake fluid added, so I ordered a universal disc brake bleed kit off eBay.  That bleed kit arrived Tuesday afternoon so I decided to get busy working on his bike.......

.....I re-inflated the tires, adjusted the rear derailleur shifting, adjusted the threadless stem which had some 'slop' in it (loose), and then bled and recharged the hydraulic disc brakes.

Universal hydraulic disc brake bleed kit

On the weather side, it was HOT Tuesday.....probably close to 90 degrees, and the forecast for Wednesday is even hotter.  We had all the windows open and had the 'attic fan' going full blast all day....we managed to avoid turning on the A/C, but it was close.

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