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Friday, February 5, 2016

'Cross'ing the line....

Shortly after finishing my blog post yesterday I set out to make good on my desire to begin a sustainable exercise and dietary routine by first making my usual climb to the summit of Mt. Rubidoux, then down to the SART* taking it north to Fairmont Park, around the lake and home totaling 11+ miles and just under 800 calories burned......a good start, but only effective if I am consistent.........

 The famous cross atop Mt. Rubidoux

.....as some might wonder Mt. Rubidoux and the land the cross sits upon had been owned by the City of Riverside since 1955, and a few years ago a group had threatened a lawsuit to have the cross removed (separation of church and state).  The solution (click link) was to hold an auction and sell the small plot of land upon which the cross sits to a private group, which was done in 2013, so now the cross is safe and will remain......

 Downtown Riverside from the top

While we were visiting our friends Tom and Darlene down in Wittmann, AZ I helped Tom install some pressurized airlines and we used this Porter Cable impact driver to screw the support brackets into the wall, and I noticed how much more effective it was than my regular Craftsman cordless drill at not stripping the screw heads.  I decided I needed to own one of these, and now I do......

My new Porter Cable impact driver

.....I got it on eBay for $94....it came with two batteries and a charger.

While I was out riding my bike TLE drove up to Rancho Cucamonga to spend time with our daughter Sharon and Brayden James.....Brayden played with Grandma while Sharon and Rod took naps, and showers.

Effectively I had the whole day to myself as TLE didn't get home until close to 1700......it was a good day, and I enjoyed having some time to myself.....thanks for stopping by!

* - Santa Ana River Trail

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  1. Clarke, congrats on the new grandson he's a great looking kid.

    One question I have about Los Algodones which I think I know the answer to but thought a would ask anyway.

    Do they require a passport to cross over into Los Algodones?