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Friday, February 19, 2016


After our marathon driving/dental appointment day Wednesday we both slept in, and I, for the most part lazed around all day Thursday.....well by my standards.  

I did switch our DirecTV over from our crank up satellite dish which was struggling to get a good signal due to the big tree on the east side of the Newell.  You will recall that when we were here at my daughter's home the first time in November the tree had just been trimmed, and we were able to get a pretty good signal (about 90%), but now, the second time around, that tree is beginning to leaf out again and the signal has weakened considerably to 59%......not a formula for good TV reception.  In fact, we were completely losing the signal at times.  Since we carry around a Winegard Carryout portable dish for just such a situation I decided to do the switcheroo before it started raining again.  Just as I finished hooking up the Winegard 'Carryout' it began to rain.....good timing!  I was able to get a 90% signal again by placing the 'Carryout' on top of the A/C unit at the rear of our coach.  Before the tree was trimmed our only way of getting a signal was by placing the 'Carryout' on the back of the roof of our trailer.

Next up it was time to dump the gray and black water tanks.....I must point out that since we are macerating the contents of the tanks (pumping their liquid effluent into a sewer cleanout) I don't wait for them to be completely full as it takes much longer, obviously, to empty them, especially the black tank.....it takes much less time to flush out all the gunk when it is only 2/3's full.  Once that was done my day was done.....time to read!

TLE, on the other hand, embarked upon a really big, all day project.....repairing our 17 year old bed quilt.  She has been looking for a replacement quilt for a number of months, but hasn't found what she wants yet, so she decided to replace/repair some of the panels on our existing quilt to extend its life another year, or so while she continues to hunt for the perfect replacement. This essentially was an all day project, and by 1500 TLE pronounced the project finished.....I think it turned out well!

It rained until about 1100 hours, and by 1500 the clouds had parted and we were on to the next warming trend.....we'll be back into the 80's by Sunday.

Since it was throwback Thursday, here is a picture from 2010 of TLE and I at Sandia Crest, NM.......

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