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Thursday, February 4, 2016

"Ya have to see the baby!"

Personally, when people rave about new born babies claiming they look like one parent, or the other, or a sibling, or some distant relative I kind of roll my eyes......maybe I just have no imagination.  To me most newborn babies have misshapen heads, blotchy skin and don't look like anyone related to them.  Again, don't we hear stories on a regular basis about babies getting accidentally switched shortly after birth......if they bore even a remote resemblance to either of the parents how could that happen?  Usually I can't begin to see a resemblance to the father, or mother for about a year.  Frankly, that is even the case with my new grandson......I can't tell if he looks like the father, or the mother, but come on.......is he not the cutest three day old baby you have ever seen?

Okay, that is the last baby picture.......well, for a little while.....since we did not have much time Tuesday to get 'set up' we both spent the better part of Wednesday doing just that for our almost 3 month stay in SoCal.  TLE spent time doing a pretty thorough cleaning, and I spent time getting stuff out in the trailer.....tools, bike stand, bikes, XM Radio......outside the trailer.....put down the awning mat, patio lights, clean the windows, wheel covers on all 10 tires, get out the BBQ.....etcetera, etcetera, etcetera......and that was pretty much it for my day.

Just as we enjoy the challenge boondocking presents with managing limited resources, and seeing how many days you can remain disconnected, we also love being plugged in, and being able to use resources which come to us without limitations.  When we are plugged in, and close to services such as home improvement stores I tend to spend more time on projects around the coach, and I've got a few projects in mind while we are stationary for this extended time period.  However, a project which does not have anything to do with the coach, or trailer is at the forefront of my mind......get back into good physical condition.......I have really neglected my exercise and physical fitness.....I need to develop a routine and then be consistent in following it all year round.  That is the one thing with which I have been disappointed in this nomadic life......my failure to establish a long term, sustainable exercise and diet routine.  A couple of winters ago I was able to lose 27 pounds, and had been able to sustain a diet and exercise routine for a two month period.......then the hernia surgery the beginning of February 2014 put the exercise part on hold for a number of months.  Ever since then I have not been able to get back in any sustainable routine.  I've got 3 months to do that, and to shed a few of those unwanted extra pounds I've been carrying around.  It's been two years since the surgery.....it's time to recommit to living a more healthy nomadic lifestyle!

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  1. Exercise and diet are important good luck with the program.