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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now....." - My Back Pages - Dylan

As I sit here at my keyboard pondering the meaning of Monday, February 1st I am struck by the fleeting nature of time.  The sun is slowly topping the eastern horizon to herald the beginning of the second day of our fifth nomadic year......four years on the road......in one sense it seems as if much less time has passed, but in another sense it is difficult to comprehend we once were 'sticks and bricks' folk.....it seems like someone else's life.  While my body has begun to show and feel its years, I feel younger.........younger than I was 4 years ago when we began this bowl of Jello, full of uncertainty, surprising, amazing open ended journey.  We both find ourselves living more in the moment taking time many mornings to greet the sun when it first peeks over the eastern horizon, and celebrate its daily demise as it once again slips past the western edge of the horizon.  Time spent with family and good friends is more intense, more meaningful, and much more cherished. 

At the same time we are celebrating the birth of our 5th grandchild, by my youngest daughter Sharon, who came into the world and breathed his first breath around 1630 hours Monday afternoon.  The baby was due around the 17th to the 19th of February, and we had planned to be home by the 3rd so we could be there for the birth.  When we received the call from Sharon at 0335 Monday morning that she was headed to the hospital with her husband to give birth we were in the middle of a serious windstorm with high wind warnings for our area until 1800 hours, and it was not practical, or safe to move the Newell, or go on the roof to stow the solar panels.  At any rate we will depart our Borrego Desert encampment in a couple of hours to begin our 140 mile journey to Riverside to meet our newest grandchild......Brayden James....

Sharon and Brayden James

We left Riverside almost 5 weeks to the day, and have loved every minute of our boondocking experience this winter, but after 5 weeks in the desert it is time to return to Riverside, CA and meet our new grandson.

We spent all day Monday inside the coach reading as the winds that began late morning Sunday continued unabated all day long.......soon the sun was sliding below the western horizon once again.  After a wonderful dinner prepared by TLE (breaded talapia on a bed of rice with a side salad) we joined Steven and Linda for our last get together, and some wonderful Irish Coffee prepared by Linda.  We have so enjoyed our time over the past 5 weeks with Steven and Linda.

I leave you with this version of Bob Dylan's song, 'My Back Pages' sung by The Byrds......

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  1. We just met our Great Granddaughter this past Sunday (8 day old), and seeing Marcia holding this child and the pure joy on Marcia's face...I KNOW you all will just be overjoyed. Congratulations and drive safe.