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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It is a wonderful life!

Ahhhhh.....can you hear that?  The sound of NO wind?  It was wonderful to wake up to the quietness of the desert to which we had become accustomed to over the course of the past 5 weeks!  I was up at 0600, and TLE a short time later......time to get ready to roll our wheels back to Riverside, CA so we could meet our new grandchild!

We were on our way by 0847 headed east on S-22 back to HWY 86....within 25 minutes we were pulling into the Salton City ARCO fuel station to use their dump station, fill up with fresh water, and refill our propane tank, which was just over 1/2 empty again.  In all it took us just over an hour for the entire process before we were rolling our wheels northward once again at 1015.....we had 109 miles left to traverse, arrived in Riverside by 1215, and were once again ensconced in the backyard of our daughter's home by 1330.  Getting our rig into her backyard is a multi step process......first we must park on a side street to extract the VW, then drop the trailer, then pull the Newell forward so I can use Nick's SUV to back the trailer into the back yard.  The final step is to back the Newell into the backyard.....all this takes a while, as you can imagine.  Leaving is easy....we just drop the trailer on the Newell hitch and roll out the driveway.

By 1530 we were on our way to the hospital to visit Sharon, Rod and Brayden James.......over the course of the day many of the siblings and relatives had been to see the baby, and they continued to arrive as we were getting ready to leave.......

 My oldest grandchild, Cynthia (22) with my youngest, Brayden James (2 days)

TAR* with Brayden James

 Kate and Nick with Brayden.....Kate is carrying our 6th grandchild (girl) due in June!

 The little man takes a look around

Proud grandpa and auntie (Meredith)

.....the new daddy, mommy and baby are doing fine, but you can tell the daddy and mommy are tired......not getting much sleep the past 36 hours, and it appears Brayden is a nighthowl.....:-)

We were on our way back home by 1745, arriving by 1830 (rush hour traffic)......as I have said, and will continue to repeat oft......this is a WONDERFUL LIFE!

Thanks for stopping by!

* TAR = The Amazing Rochelle

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