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Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Valentine

I'm not a big Valentine's Day kind of guy......it all seems contrived, and artificial to me.  Does that mean I am not romantic?  I don't think TLE thinks so......I make a point to be spontaneously romantic all year round.  The very nickname I have for her, The Lovely Elaine, which I use every day in this blog, is a good example of my my adoration for my lover, my best friend.  I guess, for me, Valentine's Day is a day for me to take stock of my life with Elaine, and to tell the world how much she means to me.

We met for the first time in January of 1968 my freshman year in college, and went on our first date later that summer.....we were just 18 years old......

Summer of 1967 - our first date

.....we became friends first.....we spent a lot of time at the beach each summer when I would come home from college......

Manhattan Beach

....eventually by my senior year the friendship had become romantic.....we were engaged in March of 1971, and were married by August of 1971.....just a couple of months after I graduated from college....... 

.....all these years later (44+) I still cannot believe she chose me.  After many years spent raising 5 children we are now able to spend virtually every hour of every day together, enjoying each other while we live our nomadic dream.....

......I cannot imagine my life without this amazing woman, and I guess that is the essence of love.....I love you every day of the year my lovely Elaine!

I love you this much!

Thanks for stopping by!

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