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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Living without moving

Whenever we sit in one place for an extended period of time one day begins to blend into another and writing about the same thing day after day gets a little boring for me, and I would suspect for my readers.  So the challenge becomes to find something to write about that is interesting, and I am completely stumped at what about Wednesday was interesting, or even informative......

Hmmmmm.....well we knew it was going to be hot Wednesday, and if I was going to ride my bike I had better do it early, so around 1030 hours I headed out on my bike to pick up the SART (Santa Ana River Trail) headed north 11 miles to Waterman Ave. in San Bernardino.  This time I was not riding into a headwind......there was no wind in any direction.  I arrived at the turnaround in just over 50 minutes having averaged about 13 mph for the first 11 miles.  I decided not to ride the additional 1.5 miles over to the Subway, and instead stop at the Starbucks about .7 miles from 'home' for a mocha frappuccino and then home.  In all I covered 22 miles in just 95 minutes, averaging 14 miles per hour for the ride burning some 1368 calories.  I can feel my conditioning slowly returning with each ride I take.

And that was the essence of Wednesday.......TLE and I spent the afternoon outside under the patio awning reading, and napping.  Oh, just one more thing......I recently ordered a new control board for my Suburban Gas Heater from 'Dinosaur Boards' and it arrived Wednesday, so now it is just a matter of pulling the malfunctioning heater out, installing the new control board, and then reinstalling the heater.  The hard part will be pulling that heater out of its cubby hole under the kitchen counter where it has been for almost 34 years.....stay tuned for that adventure!

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